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Book Title; Author; U.S Retail Price (hc=hardcover)

99 Monkeys on a Bus; Christine Alemshah;$ 9.95
100 Pecans for Tabitha; Tracey M. Cox; $9.95
A Bad Mad Sad Day for Mama Bear; Mayra Calvani; 10.95; $19.95 hc
A Brainy Refrain The sum of our parts; Bill Kirk; $10.95
A Duck at the Dog Pound; Susann Batson; $10.95
A Fox in the Night; Mayra Calvani; $9.95
A Friend for Freckles; Erin Liles; 9.95
A Horse of Course; Shari Lyle-Soffe; $10.95
A Lion's Song; Kelley Hashway; $10.95
A Midsummer's Dance; Bill Kirk; $9.95
A Moose at the Bus Stop; Terry Cook; $10.95
A Mother's Gift; Stacy Butz; $9.95
A Necklace for Jiggsy; Kit Grady; $10.95
A Pocketful of Manners; Marilee Crow; $9.95
A Puddle for Poo; Mary Vigliante Szydlowski; $9.95
A Rainbow of Birds; Janet Halfmann; $10.95
A Sandy Grave; Donna McDine; $19.95 hc; $10.95
A Shoe Full of Pets; Jolene Stubby; $10.95 $19.95
A Short Tale About a Long Tail; Marilee Crow; $10.95
A Star in the Night; Jennifer Gladen; $10.95
A Talent for Quiet; Kim Chatel; $11.95
ABC's of Health & Safety; Melissa Abramovitz; $9.95
Abigail Platt's Cuspids; Doc McDuke; $10.95
Alfred the Great; Anita Quick; 10.95
All in a School Day Journey; James Byers; $9.95
All Time HEro; Sue Bangert-Woods; $10.95
Alleycat; Marilee Crow; $10.95
Alphonso's Little Reward; Patricia Karwatowicz; $10.95
America Bless God- a Children's Musical ; Dixie and Sharon Phillips; $8.95
Amos Faces His Bully; Cheryl Malandrinos; $10.95
Ancient Symbols: Artwork Carvings &Alphabets; Eugene Ruble; $10.95
Ancient Symbols: Artwork Carvings &Alphabets Book 2; Eugene Ruble; $10.95
Ancient Symbols; Artwork, Carvings & Alphabets Book 3; Eugene Ruble; $10.95
And Then Mama Said...It Takes Time to Learn to Read; Gena Suarez; $9.95
Andy and the Albino Horse;  Mary Jean Kelso; $10.95
Andy and Spirit Go On a Day Count; Mary Jean Kelso; $10.95
Andy and Spirit Go to the Fair; Mary Jean Kelso; $10.95
Andy & Spirit in the Big Rescue; Mary Jean Kelso; $10.95
Andy and Spirit in Search and Rescue; Mary Jean Kelso; $10.95
Andy and Spirit Meet Rodeo Queen; Mary Jean Kelso; $10.95
Andy and Spirit Ride a Train; Mary Jean Kelso; $10.95
Angel Donor; Jennifer Gladen; $10.95
Angel Eyes; Dixie Phillips; $10.95
Angel Feathers; Carole Bloodworth; $10.95
Angel in a Bubble; Melisa Eyuboglu; $10.95
Animal Sound Mix-up; Connie Arnold; $9.95
Apron Strings; Dixie Phillips; $11.95 ; $19.95 hc
ARACHNABET: an alphabet of spiders; Tracey M Cox; $9.95
Arctic Danger; Barbara Bockman; $10.95
As I Watch; Chitra Soundar; $10.95
August Nights; Candace J Hardy; $10.95
Ava's Secret Tea Party; Donna J Shepherd; $11.95;, $19.95 hc
Baby Poopsie Loves Ears; Deb Gardner Allard; 9.95
Baby Jesus is Missing; Dixie Phillips; $9.95
Barry Sweets and the Candy Cane Factory-A Christmas Musical; Dixie Phillips, Sharon Phillips, Lucy Robbins, Leslie Trettin; $9.95
Bear and the 3 Goldilocks; Kevin McNamee;$10.95; $19.95 hc
Bella Saves the Beach Bella and Britt Series 3; Nancy Stewart; $19.95 hc; $11.95
Benjamin Jay was a Bully; Emma Glover; $9.95
bethlehem's king size bed Bethlehem's King Size Bed Musical Playbook; Dixie Phillips, Sharon Phillips, Lucy Robbins, and Leslie Troyer; $7.95
Big Bad Reunion; Dixie Phillips Jacob Gibson; $9.95
Birds in the Flower Basket; Mary Jean Kelso; $19.95 hc; $11.95
Blue Paint; Liam Maher; $9.95
Bobby Cottontail's Gift; Catherine James; $10.95
Bolt the Speed Train Rolling Along Train Series; Melanie Lutes; $10.95
BonBon; Barbara Bockman; $9.95
BORDO; Anja Clare Perry; $10.95
Bradybug;  Donna J Shepherd; $10.95
Brutus the Bull; Margo Cronbaugh Bean; $19.95 hc; $11.95
Bubba and Bridgette's Adventure; Mary Jean Kelso; $9.95
Bubble Gum Bubble Gum in a Dish; Tracey M. Cox; $10.95
Bunny Business: Conjunction Fun; Cynthia Reeg; $10.95
Burgher and the Woebegone; Kim Chatel: $8.95
Butterfly Colors; Michele P. Varner;$9.95
Caitie the Caterpillar; Jennifer Gladen; 9.95
Caleb's Lighthouse Tracy Helixon; 10.95
Camille's Journey: A Christmas Musical Playbook; Dixie Phillips, Sharon Phillips, Lucy Robbins, Leslie Troyer; $7.95
Captain Courage & the Fear-Squishing Shoes; Stacey A Marshall $9.95
Captain Courage and the World�s Most Shocking Secret; Stacey Marshall; 10.95; 19.95 hc
Captain Courage Faces Robot Boy: Stacey Marshall; 10.95; 19.95 hc
Cartwheel Annie; Marilee Crow; $10.95
Cats of Many Colors Carol J. Douglas; $10.95
Chances Are;  Sue Bangert-Wood; $9.95
Chasing the Spirit of Service; Kristen Zajac; $10.95; $19.95 hc
Chip's Sharing Day; Linda Derkez; $9.95
Chizzy's Topsy Tale;  Donna J. Shepherd; $10.95
Chocalin! (Crash! Spanish edition);  Mayra Calvani; $10.95
Christmas in Amazing Grace Acres; Kristi M. Butler; $10.95
Christmas Caroling Classics Colleen Reece's Chapbooks Series Book#2; Colleen L Reece: $8.95
Christmas Comes to Koyuk; Rosemary Kuhn: $9.95
Christmas Jingle Bunny: A Christmas Musical Play; Debbie Cherry, Dixie Phillips: $9.95
Christopher's Science Magic ; Mary Jean Kelso; $.9.95
Circulation Celebration: The Sum of our Parts Series;  Bill Kirk; $10.95
Clever Camel; Chitra Soundar; $9.95
Clip-Clop; Tippity-Tap: French Vocabulary on the Farm; Kim Chatel; $10.95
Cloud Jumpers;  Tracy Ahrens; $10.95
Cobbledom's Curse; J Aday Kennedy; $9.95
Coby Ryan Harris is Officially Fat; Joni Klein-Higger, Flora Zaken-Greenberg; $9.95
Cody Knows; Karen Sue Wiesner; $9.95
Colby Mouse's Christmas Gift; Barbara Bockman; $9.95
Colton and Chloe; A Trilingual Story; Nicole Weaver; $9.95
Cookies for Punch; Allyn M. Stotz; $9.95
Corley the Carefee Train- Rolling Along Train Series; Melanie Lutes; $9.95
Cowboy James; Mary Jean Kelso; $10.95; $19.95 hc
Crash!; Mayra Calvani; $10.95
Cricket & Snail; Mel McIntyre; $9.95
Curtain Call Children's Christian Dramas; Dixie Phillips et all; 8.95
DandyLion Carol J Douglas; $9.95
Dao-Ming's Dream of Floating on Air; The Rolling Along Train Series Bk3: Melanie Lutes; 10.95
Dee & Deb Off they go-Kindergarten first day jitters; Donna McDine; $9.95
Dinosaur Days- Dinosaur Nights ; Kathleen Bullock; $10.95
Does Heaven Get Mail?; Marilee Crow; $10.95
Doggie Day Camp: Verb and Adverb Adventures; Cynthia Reeg; $10.95
Don't Put Gum in the Fish Bowl; Wesley Wesley Stuart;$9.95
Doodle Girl; Jennifer Bond Reed; $9.95
Dotty's Topsy Tale; Donna J. Shepherd; $10.95
Down by the Shore; Marilee Crow; $10.95
Dozens and Dozens of Cousins and Cousins Elizabeth L Young; $12.95; $20.95
Dragon Breath; Dixie Phillips Jacob Gibson; $10.95
Dragon Amy's Flames; Michelle Nott; 10.95
Duncan the Dragon; Mel McIntyre; $9.95
Earthquake!; Susan Berger; $11.95; $19.95 hc
Ebeneezer's Cousin; Kristen Zajac; $10.95; $19.95 hc
El primo de Ebeneezer- Spanish edition; Kristen Zajac; $10.95
Elliott & Anastasia; Clara Batton Smith; $9.95
Emily the Brave; Doc McDuke; $10.95
Emma McKenna's Ice Cream Dilemma ; Terry Cook; $9.95
Ethan's Business Adventures; Patricia Karwatowicz; $10.95
Every Inch a King: Christmas Musical;Dixie & Sharon Phillips, Lucy Robbins, Leslie Trettin; $9.95
Fantastic Flight; Barbara Bockman; $9.95
Festival of Praise- Children's Thanksgiving Musical; Janene Dubbeld, Dixie Phillips, Sharon Phillips; $9.95
Firefly Night; Samantha S. Bell; $10.95; $19.95 hc
First Spring; Margaret Rose;$9.95
Fish Detectives; Kelly Hashway; $9.95
Flutter Bunnies; Mel McIntyre; $10.95
Flutter Bunnies: Fossil of Fortune; Mel McIntyre; 10.95
Frankie's Perfect Home; Beverly McClure; $9.95
Freddy, Hoppy and the Eyeglasses; Michelle Nott; $9.95
Frederick Lost and Found; John Robinson Perry; $19.95 hc; $10.95
Frederico the Mouse Violinist; Mayra Calvani;$11.95; $19.95 hc
The Funny Bug; Melissa Ross ; $10.95
G is for Groundhog; Kristi M. Butler; $10.95
Gatsby's Grand Adventures Bk 1: Winslow Homer's "Snap the Whip"; Barbara Cairns; $9.95
Gatsby's Grand Adventures Bk 2: Auguste Renoir's-"The Apple Seller"; Barbara Cairns; $9.95
Gatsby's Grand Adventures Bk 3: Thomas Gainsborough's "Girl with Pigs"; Barbara Cairns; $10.95
Gatsby's Grand Adventures Bk 4: Vincent Van Gogh "First Steps"; Barbara Cairns; $9.95
Get Away Dancce; Tracey M. Cox; $9.95
ghost story Ghost Story; Liam Maher; $9.95
Gilly the Seasick Fish; Susann Batson; 10.95
Gifts from God; Cynthia Reeg; $10.95
Give God Thanks; Jolene Stubby; $9.95
God Created; Sarah Hodson; $10.95; $19.95 hc
God Loves You Whoever You Are; Colleen L. Reece, Julie Reece-DeMarco; $9.95
God's Answer Book 3: Colleen Reece Chapbook Series Book 3; Colleen L Reece; $9.95
God�s Plan Under the Cherry Tree; Bonnie Kloster; $9.95
Golden Daffodils; Liam Maher; $10.95
Good Neighbors: Book 4 Colleen Reece Series; Colleen Reece; $9.95
Goodbye Gloomies; Heather Tietz; $10.95; $19.95 hc
Gracie & Grover Go to the Beach; Kristi Butler; $10.95
Grammy's Gnocchi-Do dogs go to heaven; Patricia Karwatowicz; $10.95
Grandma Has To Go Away; Nancy E. Hughes;$19.95 hc; $10.95
Grandma's Adventures with God's Creatures; Connie Heiser; $9.95
Grandma's Adventures with Halle and Grant; Connie Heiser; $9.95
Grandma's Telescope; Kristen Zajac; $19.95 hc; $10.95
Grandma's Treasures; Judith J. Miller; $10.95
Great Gobs of Gustation: The Sum of Our Parts; Bill Kirk; $10.95
Green Goey Goop Anna C Morrison;$ 9.95
Groundhog Day in Amazing Grace Acres; Kristi M. Butler; $10.95
Growing Up Dreams; Susan J. Berger; $10.95
Grumpy Kyle; Allyn M Stotz; 9.95
Haiku Do You? Sharon P. Stanley:$10.95
Harriet's Heartbroken Heart Laine & Nika Belcastro: $10.95
Hamster Holidays: Noun & Adjective Adventures; Cynthia Reeg; $10.95
Han and the Mysterious Pearl; Barbara Bockman $10.95; $19.95 hc
Heaven Holds Little Samuel Tippie-Toes; Arianne Brynn; $10.95
Hee Hawlelujah-A Children's Easter Musical; Dixie Phillips, Sharon Phillips, Lucy Robbins, Leslie Trettin; $7.95

Helping Herbie Hedgehog; Melissa Abramovitz; $9.95
Her Brown Hair; Jill Dana; $9.95
Her Pink Hair Jill Dana; $9.95
hidden treasureHidden Treasure; Judith Miller; $10.95
Hockey Agony; Donna McDine; $10.95; $19.95 hc
Horatio Humble Beats the Big D; Margot Finke;$9.95
Horse Camp; Kim Chatel; $11.95; $19.95 hc
How Alligator Got His Smile Back; Jayne Moraski; S10.95
How to Change the World According to Mister Black; James Byers; $10.95
Humberto the Bookworm Hamster; Mayra Calvani; $10.95
I Don't Want a Haircut; Lea Schizas; $9.95
I Have a Voice; Joni Klein-Higger, Flora Zaken-Greenberg; $9.95
If I Could Be Anything; Kevin McNamee; $9.95
Inside a Snail Shell; JennaKay Francis; $9.95
It's Birthday Time Jake!; Samantha Bell; $9.95
Jamie's Dream; Susan Berger; $10.95
Jeremiah Lucky and the Guardian Angel; Jane Freeman; $9.95; $19.95 hc
Jeremiah Lucky Finds Puppy Lovel; Jane Freeman; $9.95; softcover; $19.95 hc
Joshua Meets the Good Shepherd; Rosemary Kuhn;$10.95
Journey's Promise; Dixie Phillips & Journey Dai Muhammad; $14.95; $24.95 hc
Joshua's Dragon; Stacey Glorioso; $19.95 hc; $10.95
JP's Halloween Parade; Andi Houdek; $9.95
Juggerum; J Aday Kennedy; $9.95
Just the Thing to Be; Tracey M Cox; $9.95
Kangaroo Clues; Margot Finke; $9.95
Katrina and Winter: Partners in Courage; $11.95; $19.95 hc
Katydidn�t; Colleen L. Reece; $10.95
Kitsy's Mischief and Horses; Emma M Glover; 9.95
Kitty Kerplunking: Preposition Fun; Cynthia Reeg; $10.95
Kisses from Heaven; Nancy Schacht; $8.95
Klutzy Kantor; J Aday Kennedy; $10.95
La Cabra Paisley; Rocio Monroy; $9.95
Lana Tries Yoga; Roey Ebert;$19.95 hc ; $10.95
Li-Li; Kathleen Bullock; $10.95
Lola B. and the Skinned Up Knee; Nancy E. Hughes; $9.95
Land of Lost Socks; Jane Tesh, Joni Klein-Higger; $7.95
Last Page in the Diary; Colleen L Reece; 8.95
Learn to Count 1 to 10; Eugene Ruble; $10.95
Learn the Basics of Color;  Eugene Ruble; $9.95
Learning Your Animal ABCs; Eugene Ruble; $10.95
Lightning Strikes; Kevin McNamee; $9.95
Liddil Gets her Light; Tracey M Cox; $9.95
Li-Li; Kathleen Bullock; $10.95
Little Bug; Karin Larson; $9.95
Little Dog in the middle of the road; Sharon P Stanley; 9.95
Little Grand Champion; Maxine Romero; $10.95
Little Isaac's Big Adventure; Tracy Helixon; $9.95
Little Lonnie Long Ears; MJKelso; $9.95
Little Shepherd;  Cheryl C. Malandrinos; $9.95
Littlest Penguin; Karen Carr; 10.95
Livia, the Lovely Superhero; Laureen Caponigro, Dixie Phillips; $9.95
Lonnie the Lawnmower; Dixie Phillips & Rachel Nolt; $9.95
Lovely Things: The Blesssings of the Seasons; Jolene Stubby; $10.95
Lucy's Purple Pullover;  Kavitha Punniyamurthi; $9.95
Macaroni and Cheese for Thanksgiving; Cheryl C Malandrinos; 9.95
Maggie Mae Detective Extraordinare; Margo L. Dill, $10.95
Malikia-Two Is Better Than One; Dorris Fortson; 10.95
Mam�, existe Santa Claus?; Susan J. Berger; $10.95
Marcel Marcelli & the Angle Pact; Sigrun Srivastav, Coralie Felicitas Srivastava; $9.95
Marietta and the Charlie Horse; Maureen Kauzlarich; $9.95
Marta's Gigantic Wings; J Aday Kennedy; $9.95
Maybe We Are Flamingos; Safari Sue Thurman; $10.95
Maxine the Strong-Willed Elephant; Dorris Fortson; $10.95
Mice in My Tummy; Andrea Houdek; $9.95
Michael & the Elf; Kathryn Sullivan; $10.95
Michael's Safari; JennaKay Francis; $8.95
Midnight the Kitten; Margot Bean; 19.95; 11.95
Miss Emma Ant; Donna Shepherd; $10.95
Mister Topper the Potbellied Pig; Liam Maher;$9.95
Mokey's New Friends; Connie Arnold; $10.95
Mom Is There a Santa Claus; Susan J Berger; 10.95
Monster Maddie; Susan Stephenson; $10.95
Mrs. Betsy Fieldmouse Borrows an Egg; Barbara Bockman; $10.95
Mudpuppies to Mountains Colleen Reece Chapbook Series 5; $9.95
Muscles Make us Move: THE SUM OF OUR PARTS Series; Bill Kirk; 10.95
My Brother is my Best Friend;Nicole Weaver; $10.95
My Brother the Frog; Kevin McNamee; $10.95; $19.95 hc
My Dog; Keith Behunin Cedar Breaks; $10.95; $19.95 hc
My Grandma's Kitchen Rules; Bill Kirk; $10.95
My Sister is my Best Friend; Nicole Weaver; $9.95
My Tooth is Loose The Sum of Our Parts; Bill Kirk; $10.95
Mystery at Manatee Key; Nancy Stewart; $11.95; $19.95 hc
Myth-Busting Columbus; Kelly Bakshi; $10.95; $18.95 hc
Never say BOO to a Frilly with Rainbow Birds & Tasmanian Devil Dance; Margot Finke; $10.95
Nina's Best New Christmas Tradition; Patricia Karwatowicz; 10.95
Nine Tail Kitten; Colleen Reece; $9.95
No Bones About It: The Sum of Our Parts Bill Kirk; $10.95
No More Gunk & OUCH! Sunburn; Donna J. Shepherd; $10.95
Nothing Stops Noah; Shari LyleSoffe; $10.95
Olive and the Great Flood; Connie Arnold; 10.95
Olive Ann Sharon P Stanley; $10.95
On Angels Wings They Greet the King; Rosemary Kuhn; $11.95, $19.95 hc
On the Go with Rooter & Snuffle; Shari Lyle-Soffe; $9.95
Once there was a Monster; Marilee Crow; 9.95
Once Twice Thrice; Kim Chatel; $9.95
Once Upon an Empty Tomb: AN EASTER MUSICAL & PLAY; Dixie Phillips & Sharon Phillips; $7.95
Once Upon an Eyeball & How the Nose Knows Roses; Bill Kirk; $10.95
One Family's Christmas; Mary Jean Kelso; $10.95; $19.95 hc
One in a Buzzillion; Hannah Schreiber; Connor Hartsock; Jennifer Reed; $9.95
One Large Peanut Butter Sandwich to Go; Linda Derkez; $9.95
One Noble Journey; Dixie Phillips; $10.95
One Nutty Family; James Byers; $9.95
One Pelican at a Time; Nancy Stewart; $11.95; $19.95 hc
Oodles and Oodles of Poodles; Eliabeth L Young; 10.95; 19.95
Oscar the Pig; Margo Cronbaugh Bean; $19.95 hc ; $11.95
Paisley the Goat; Rocio Monroy ; $9.95
Papa's Suns; Kevin McNamee; $9.95
Papillon and the Magic Lamp; Osa Kauffman; $10.95
Pep� Maurice Pierre, Poodle Extraordinaire Kelly Hashway; $9.95
Phillip Flies Home; Dorris Fortson; $10.95
Pinkie McCloud and How She saved Ballooze; Eileen Goldenberg; 19.95 hc; 11.95
Poodle & Doodle; Donna J Shepherd; $10.95
Powder Monkey; Donna McDine; $10.95; $19.95 hc
Prairie Dog Play Days, Little Stinkers & Bald Eagle Rules; Margot Finke; $9.95
Preston, the Not So Perfect Pig; Janie Robinson; $10.95
Princess Cassie and the Missing Friend; Samantha Bell, $10.95; $19.95 hc
Pumpkin Pie Surprise; Roey Ebert; $10.95 19.95 hc
Project Mars; Katie Clark; $8.95
Pumpkin Squash; Allyn M. Stotz; $9.95
Purple Frog Pajamas; San Hoy; $9.95
Put it Back Jack; Roey Ebert; $9.95
Rachel Serves a Stew; Diana Kirkle; $10.95
Rainbow of Friendship; Joni Kleing-Higger; $9.95
Rainbow Sheep; Kim Chatel; $9.95
Rainbow Nights; Sally M Harris; $9.95
Rattlesnake Jam; Margot Finke; $10.95
Real Mysterious Easter Eggs; Patricia Karwatowicz; $10.95
Recycle- A Children's Musical; Joni Klein-Higger; $ 7.95
Red- A Children's Musical; Joni Klein-Higger and Jane Tesh; $ 7.95
Ridiculously Ridiculous; Susan K Tucker; $9.95
Riley's Heart Machine; Lori M. Jones; $9.95
Rip the Night Engine: The Rolling Along Train Series Book 1; Melanie Lutes; $9.95
Robbie and Katie get a Hairy Scare; Lea Schizas; $9.95
Romeo's Rescue; Emma &Jennifer Reed; $10.95
Rowdy; Margo Bean; $10.95 $19.95 hc
Roy, the Little Red Tractor; Dorris Fortson; $10.95
Ruthie & the Hippo’s Fat Behind; Margot Finke; $10.95
RV Mouse; Mary Jean Kelso; $10.95; $19.95 hc
Sammy Sparrow's First Flight; Tracy Ahrens; $9.95
Samuel & Sophia: A Tale of Two Teddies; Judy Dearborn Nill;$10.95
Saving Ellie; Marilee Crow; $10.95
Scaredy: a Cloud Afraid of Thunder; Susann Batson; $8.95
Scriptures for Kids; Barbara Arbo; $10.95; $19.95 hc
Seagrass Surprise; Christopher Hunter; $10.95
Sea Turtle Summer: BELLA & BRITT BEACH SERIES; Nancy Stewart; $11.95; $19.95 hc
Secret Service Saint; Janet Ann Collins; $9.95
Shaping Up the Year; Tracey Cox ; $10.95
Shoo Cat!; Shari Lyle-Soffe; $9.95
ShShSh; Let the Baby Sleep;; Kathy Stemke; $10.95
Signs of Trouble; Janet Ann Collins; $10.95
Silence; KC Snider; $11.95; $19.95 hc
Silly Moments; Anna C Morrison; $9.95
Slime & All; Janet Ann Collins; 9.95
Sloth the Lazy Dragon; Regan Macaulay; $10.95; $19.95 hc
Snapdragon; Carol J. Douglas; $9.95
Snazzy Razzy Allyn M. Stotz; 9.95
So Silly ; Marilee Crow; 10.95; $19.95 hc
Something to Crow About- Easter Musical; Dixie Phillips Sharon Phillips; $9.95
Sparkie: A star afraid of the dark; Susann Batson; $7.95
Sparky's Amazon Adventure; Leanna Brewer: $10.95
Sparky & Jimmy-Sparky's Uganda Adventure; Leanna Brewer: $10.95
Squirrels Can't Help Being Nuts with Kitty Kats & Bumblebee Buzzers; Margot Finke; $9.95
Squirrel Superhighway-It's Good to be a Dog; Anna C Morrison; $9.95
Stella the Fire Farting Dragon; J. Aday Kennedy; 10.95
Stilts the Stork; Dixie Phillips; $9.95
Stop that Pudding!; Andrea Houdek; $9.95
Stories From Grandma's Heart; Connie Heiser; $9.95
Stubby's Destiny; Dixie Phillips; $10.95
Stuck in Bed Fred; Lucille Gang Shulklapper; $10.95; $19.95 hc
Sully's Topsy Tale; Donna J Shepherd; $10.95
Supermoon; Melissa Ross; $10.95
Survival Secrets of Turkey Vultures; Debra Toor; $10.95 ; $19.95 hc
Taconi & Claude; M.E. Finke; $8.95
Ten Little Tricksters; Penelope Anne Cole; $9.95
Teresa's Shadow; Jennifer Gladen; $9.95
That's a Lot of Love; Jennifer Reed; $9.95
The Adventures of Andy & Spirit: Book 1 Tweener; Mary Jean Kelso; $10.95
The Adventures of Chickolet Pigolet: The Bribe of Franken Beans; Debe Branning; $7.95
The Adventures of Chickolet Pigolet: Murmur on the Oink Express; Debe Branning; $8.95
The Adventures of Chickolet Pigolet: You Ought to be in Pig-tures; Debe Branning; $9.95
The Angels' Garden; Rosemary Kuhn; $11.95
The Appleby Family Adventures; Colleen L Reece; $9.95
The Baked Potato Boy; Dorris Fortson; $9.95
The Best Kind of String; Janene Dubbeld; $9.95
The Cat Came Back; Dixie Phillips & Lucy Robbins; $9.95
The Children Keep their Promises; Rosemary Kuhn; $10.95
The Cow that Wouldn't eat Grass; Mel McIntyre; $9.95
The Christmas Angel; Mary Jean Kelso; $10.95; $19.95 hc
The Clown Around Kids; Kathleen Bullock; 10.95
The Dessert Garden; Diane De Anda; $9.95
The Doll Violinist; Mayra Calvani; $11.95; $19.95 hc
the ferry boatThe Ferry Boat; JennaKay Francis; $8.95
The First Americans; Kelly Bakshi; $9.95
The First Reindeer; Susan Barker; $10.95
The Fisherman ; JennaKay Francis; $9.95
The Gardens: A children's Easter Musical Dixie and Sharon Phillips,Charlotte Coles; 9.95
The Giving Plate; Heather Tietz; $9.95
The Golden Frog-Las Ranas Dorados; Bonnnie t. Ogle; $9.95
The Golden Pathway Donna McDine; $9.95; $19.95 hc
air-tsoopThe Ins and Outs of Air- The Sum of Our Part Series; Bill Kirk; $10.95
The Legend of Lumpus & Ogols; Mel McIntyre; $8.95
The Lumpy Duckling-Another Weaver Tale; Kai Strand; $19.95 hc; $9.95
The Magic Violin;  Mayra Calvani; $10.95
The Misadventures of Rooter & Snuffle; Shari Lyle-Soff; $9.95
The New Puppy; Raelene Hall; $9.95
The Painterly Cat; Aumi Kauffman Perry; $10.95
The Peril of the Sinister Scientist; Janet Collins; $7.95
The Plumber and the Wishing Well; Liam Maher; $10.95; $19.95 hc
The Potty Train; Nikki Schaeffer; $10.95
The Real Star of Bethlehem; Dixie and Sharon Phillips, Lucy Robbins, Leslie Trettin; $9.95
The Sister Exchange; Kevin McNamee: $10.95
The Skin We're In: The sum of our parts: Bill Kirk; $10.95
The Skunk's Gift; James Byers; $10.95
The Soggy Town of Hilltop; Kevin McNamee; $10.95
The Town of Masquerade; Jack Samuels;$9.95
The Veterans' Clubhouse; Kristen Zajac; $10.95 $19.95 hc
The Weaver; Kai Strand; $9.95
The Wishing Well; Kai Strand; $9.95; $19.95 hc
There's A Beetle In My Bed;  Bill Kirk; $9.95
There's a Deer in the Forest; Nancy Hughes; $9.95
There's A Spider In My Sink;  Bill Kirk; $9.95
Three Wise Animals; Robert G. Seal; 11.95 ; 19.95 hc
Tiny Homeless King Dixie and Sharon Phillips, Lucy Robbins Leslie Trettin; 9.95
Tissue Tantra: The Sum of our Part Series Book 9; Bill Kirk; $10.95
Too Big; Judy Dearborn Nill; $9.95
Tootsie McPeezalot; Sharon Stanley; $9.95
Trial by Walkabout; Margot Finke; $9.95
Trouble Finds Rooter & Snuffle; Shari Lyle-Soffe; $9.95
Toe Tickling Goblins; Alexander Morris; $9.95
Two House Lilly; Candace Hardy; $8.95
Ulysses the Befuddled Bassett;Emma M. Glover; $9.95
Under the Full Moon; San Hoy; $11.95; $19.95
Ways to Say Zero; $10.95
VIvacious Aunt Violet; Margo Cronbaugh Bean; $11.95 $19.95
Weird Noises in the Night; Beverly Stowe McClure; $9.95
What Comes out of a Silly Whales Spout; Kia Ozmore; $9.95
What Do Angels Do All Day?; Rosemary Kuhn; $9.95
What if the Moon...?; Tracy Ahrens; $9.95
Ways to Say Zero; $10.95
What is that Strange Noise?; Karen Carr with Piper Andersen; 9.95
What is that Thing?; Kevin McNamee; $9.95
What in the World Should I Be?; Debra Jones; $9.95
Whats's My Angle Bonnie Kloster; $10.95
When Mommy Goes A-Marching; Anita Quick; $10.95; $19.95 hc
When Reuben Blew the Shofar; Candace J. Hardy; $10.95; $19.95 hc
Where is Salami?; Donna J Shepherd; $9.95
Whistling Dixie; Dixie Phillips; $9.95
Why are the Pigs Purple?;Sharon P Stanley; $9.95
Wonders with Wood: A Children's Easter Musical; Dixie and Sharon Phillips; $9.95
Wyoming Trail Ride; Margo Cronbaugh Bean; $11.95; $19.95