Sully's Topsy Tale

Category: Littlest Angels
Author: Donna J. Shepherd
Artist: Kevin Scott Collier
Print ISBN: 9781616330798; 1616330791
eBook ISBN: 9781616330804; 1616330805

The final picture book in the Topsy Tales trilogy features a jazz loving, bebopping, singing snake suffering with laryngitis. What's an independent snake that only sings solos to do? While waiting for his voice to return, Sully learns to appreciate the talents of others and the value of friendship.

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The bright bouncy pictures seem to jump out of the page in Donna Shepherd's Sully's Topsy Tale. There's a whole (and growing) series of Topsy Tales, and Sully, the protagonist of this one, is a snake who sings and scats like a sax. Don't know what scat means? Then read the back of the book, where various musical terms are explained, and there's even an endorsement by a speech pathologist! Filled with easy-to-read rhymes, a perfect sense of rhythm, zany pictures, and text full of the ubiquitous 's' sound plus the odd delightfully tongue-twisting phrase to have the kids in stitches at the adults' mistakes this is really a fine fun picture book. Simple words mean quick readers will learn to read along. A simple story has a quiet little lesson on taking risks and joining in. And the set-up a singing snake with laryngitis should amuse and appeal to kids maybe even ease their sore throats. ~Sheila Deeth, Judge for Global eBook Award.

Endorsed by licensed and certified speech-language pathologist, Victoria Ryan, MS/CCC-SLP~ Sully's Topsy Tale could be utilized at the beginning of articulation therapy to read to children who have problems making the sound so they can hear (often) how a correct sounds; during articulation therapy with children who are practicing making the S sound at the reading level; with children in voice therapy as a way to talk about healthy and unhealthy vocal habits.

"Charmed by a Snake! Donna Shepherd has created another delightful character! Sully the snake is full of personality -- and musical talent! Unfortunately, he must give up singing when he develops a sore throat. It's a good thing he had lots of cute animal friends to help him through his difficulties. By the time he's ready to sing again, he's learned a wonderful lesson about friendship. Children will love this charming character and relate to his rhyming story. The colorful and lively illustrations add to the fun. They even include hidden hearts for kids to search out!"
~ Diana R. Jenkins, Children's Author

Sore Throat Silences Snake! "Sully's Topsy Tale is a wonderful rhyming story about a solo singing snake with laryngitis. Children will be thrilled as Sully's friends all try to help him with his problem. In the end Sully recovers and discovers in the process that it is good to have friends as they make beautiful music together. Donna J. Shepherd's rhymes are delightful and have a wonderful message about friendship. Kevin Collier's illustrations are colorful and humorous, and will definitely make children giggle. Donna and Kevin are a winning partnership. The back cover includes definitions of musical terms used in the book. I always love a book with an educational element."
~ Shari Lyle-Soffe, Children's Author

There's a nice message on patience tucked away in this story, and also true friendship. Need to brush up on your musical terms? See the glossary on the back cover, along with a recommendation from a licensed and certified speech-language pathologist. Seems Sully can help children say their S sounds! If you're looking for a warm, bright book that kids will love, Sully's waiting patiently for a new home.
~ Stephanie Reed, author of The Light Across the River star-search-in-jungle.html