Recycle- a children's musical

Category: Angelic Harmony
Author: Joni Klein-Higger
Sofcover ISBN: 9781616335151; 1616335157
eBook ISBN: 9781616335168; 1616335165
Music CD ISBN: 9781616335175; 1616335173

In this fun educational musical about recycling, a “nutty professor” transports four modern day kids back to the 1950’s. Together they compare the lifestyles of today’s “disposable generation” to kids living in a time before plastic bags, aluminum cans, and water bottles became a part of our every day life.

A children's musical- listen to a song from the musical.
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Two Page Preview:

Song #1: Musical Intro: Chorus To
“Summer’s Meant For Having Fun”
Before Rise: This scene is played in front of the curtain (TRASH CAN sits center stage
ZEPH and PICKLE JAR run past him)
TRASH CAN: Hey, you two!
and point to themselves questioning “me?”)
TRASH CAN: Yeah you! Where do you think you’re going? Trash belongs right here. (He opens his lid)
PICKLE JAR: Are you calling my friend and me trash?
ZEPH: (insulted): For your information, WE are NOT trash and would appreciate you never calling us that five-letter word again.
TRASH CAN: No insult intended, Ma’am. Let’s just say you both look like you need a home…a permanent one.
ZEPH: That’s where we were headed before YOU got in our way.
PICKLE JAR: Come on Zeph. The recycling bin is just up the road. Gotta go!
(PICKLE JAR grabs ZEPH and they run off )
ZEPH: (looks back) Ciao! (waves and run off stage)
TRASH CAN: Recycling bin? Ah…recycle re-shmycle!
(TRASH CAN shakes his head
PLASTIC BAG runs onto stage then looks behind her)
PLASTIC BAG: Pappy, hurry up!
PAPPY: (walks quickly onto stage) Okay, okay. I heard you the first time.
PLASTIC BAG: You, too, Ally!
ALLY: I’m a comin’. I’m a comin’. (walks exhaustedly onto stage and wipes his brow with a cloth) Is it just me or is the earth getting warmer by the second?
TRASH CAN: (lifts his lid while smiling at PLASTIC BAG and ALLY) Oh, hello friends. Can I interest you in a nice resting place? It’s warm, cozy and conveniently located…
PLASTIC BAG: Thank you, Mr. Trash Can, but we can’t.
ALLY: We’re on our way to the recycling bin.
PAPPY: And we’ve got to hurry or we’ll miss the 10 am pick up.
ALLY, PAPPY and PLASTIC BAG: So long! (ALLY, PAPPY and PLASTIC BAG wave and run off stage)
TRASH CAN: Recycling—it’s taking away all my business! Before you know it, there will be no more litter left for a poor old trash can like me.


Recycle: A Musical, by author, playwright, and songwriter Joni Klein-Higger, combines recycling and rock and roll, two of my favorite things! I mean I don’t love the process of collecting, sorting, and taking out trash that is involved in recycling, but I love helping to “save the planet,” one landfill at a time. Add in rock and roll, which is the music I grew up with and listen to daily, and it’s all good. Recycle: A Musical is a very good way to help kids see the importance and benefits of recycling. It’s a lot of fun and a great addition to any school’s curriculum. Let’s get kids involved young in recycling, and then they will support it as adults. Thank you Joni Klein-Higger for a musical that is a rollicking good time and a fun teaching tool.~Reviewed by Penelope Anne Cole, Award Winning Author of Magical Matthew, Magical Mea, Mágico Mateo (Spanish), and new for Halloween: Ten Little Tricksters.

Recycle! A Children's Musical by Joni Klein-Higger should be performed in schools everywhere. With twenty characters there are enough parts for lots of kids and others can serve behind the scenes. That means a whole class could be involved in the play. And it's educational. Recycle! is the amusing story of some modern kids who time travel back to 1950 with the help of a mysterious, "nutty" professor. While there, they learn how people got along without all the plastic and other things that are damaging our environment and come to understand the importance of reducing, reusing, and recycling. That's information kids everywhere need to learn. But the play isn't boring and didactic, and it could also be performed by groups of kids outside of schools. It's amusing and has lively, catchy music kids will probably go home singing when the play is over. And performances would be only about half an hour long.~Reviewed by Janet Collins