Rainbow of Friendship

Category: Littlest Angels

Author: Joni Klein-Higger www.joniworld.com
Illustrator: Eileen Goldenberg
Sofcover ISBN: 9781616336141; 1616336145
eBook ISBN: 9781616336158; 1616336153

“Is it safe to play with colors different than you?” This is the question a little red girl asks herself when she moves from the safe comforts of her little red town to Rainbow Row City. On her journey, she discovers that friendship comes in many colors, shapes and sizes.

Creative Child Magazine has awarded Rainbow Of Friendship by Joni Klein-Higger, illustrated by Eileen Goldenberg the Book of the Year Award for "Kids Book" Category.

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Children's Bookwatch: August 2015 Midwest Book Review The Picturebook Shelf
"Rainbow of Friendship" is a charming children's story in verse that explores the advantages of opening to new experiences, particularly in color. Its refreshing color illustrations add notes of whimsey and fun to a vivid experience. A little red girl who lives in a town that is only red asks the question, "Is it safe to play with colors different from you?" The red girl meets Blue Betty, Pink Patty Puff, Brown Bobby Bongo, Green Goober Gruff, Yellow Yasmina and Orange O'Shea. Although the girl is a little afraid, she finds Rainbow Row City (where rainbows are made) a place of enchantment and delight. Here is the enriching thought that she had: "I finally realized that people are more /Than colors they wear, yes now I am sure./ We each have a gift if we're red, blue, green,/ Or we're small, or we're tall, or we're round, square, or lean./ Our differences make us unique, but combined.../ We're a rainbow that glistens with friendship so fine./ My rainbow of friendship is perfect, you see/ And now is forever a big part of me./ Each color has added its own special hue/ To color my life in whatever I do".

Rainbow of Friendship by Joni Klein-Higger is a colorful storybook for children that not only helps them to discover the joy of friendship but also the rainbow colors, shapes and sizes. The story begins with a girl moving to Rainbow Row City where she meets a funny blue girl with blue hair and ribbons, Pink Patty Puff, Yellow Yasmina and many others. Written in delightful rhyming verses, this story has an excellent concept and conveys many beautiful messages for kids. The book also connects people from different walks of life, irrespective of their color, shape and size. The book tells young readers that it is safe to play with all colors, shapes and sizes. It's a beautiful story that teaches kids tolerance and acceptance. The author cleverly teaches a lot of things to kids in a funny way. The names used in the book will put smiles on the faces of young readers. The illustrations are bright and captivating, and they give life, pace and movement to the characters and scenes. They also convey the author's concept and messages very clearly. It's a good bedtime storybook and can also be used for read aloud sessions in classrooms and school libraries. ~Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers' Favorite

A darling book for little ones written in rhyme with bright illustrations that will capture the imagination of your child, but more importantly capture the message of acceptance of all. Highly recommended for counselors, educators and organizations promoting the importance of diversity issues. ~Lainie Belcastro, writer, storyteller