A Rainbow of Birds

Category: Academic Wings
Author: Janet Halfmann www.janethalfmannauthor.com
Artist: Jack Foster jacktoon.blogspot.com
Print ISBN: 9781616334628; 1616334622
eBook ISBN: 9781616334635; 1616334630

Birds have their legends just like people do, and baby birds love to hear the stories. Papa Cardinal, whose job it is to pass down bird ways to his chicks, tells them the story of how birds gave the world the rainbow. It’s a tale of fun and squabbles and magic!

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"We have read a few of Janet Halfmann's books and have enjoyed them all. Her latest story, A Rainbow of Birds, is another keeper! It's a bird folk tale told by a daddy cardinal to his little chicks about how rainbows came to be. With bright illustrations and a simple story line, this was a great book for my two year old who is learning her colors. My older children enjoyed it as well. I especially liked the additional facts and activities about color and rainbows included at the end of the book. My children are especially excited to try making their own rainbow outdoors. (We just need warm weather and sunshine so we can break out the hose!) A Rainbow of Birds is a fun combination of imagination and science, great for ages 2-8." ~Baby Brainstorm blog: http://babybrainstorm.blogspot.com/2014/03/book-review-rainbow-of-birds.html

"Janet Halfmann’s new book, "A Rainbow of Birds," with artwork by Jack Foster, is a sweet story about the creation of one of nature’s miracles, the rainbow, or call it a bird folktale about how the birds gave the world the rainbow. This cute fable is boldly, “colorfully” illustrated by Jack Foster. His whimsical cartoon style will have kids giggling and cheering along with the chicks at the beautiful rainbow colors. Ms. Halfmann has included information at the end of the story about how rainbows occur after rain showers, rainbow facts and stories, how to make an outdoor and an indoor rainbow, how to make a rainbow book, and a hanging rainbow. These fun activities will be enjoyed by kids and appreciated by parents and grandparents on rainy days. Teachers can use this book in cross curriculum units on weather, the water cycle, nature, and for art activities"
~Penelope Anne Cole (author): http://penelopeannecole.blogspot.com/2014/03/janet-halfmanns-rainbow-of-birds.html

"Miss Grace LOVES birds, so she was thrilled to read one about her favorite birds, the cardinals, by one of her favorite authors! The illustrations are super bright and colorful as you can see: Miss Grace laughed at the different birds that made up the rainbow and it was great to see her tie in the birds from other books we have read (and reviewed!). I loved the back section, where Janet gives you questions to ask as follow up, science projects and even art projects! She even explains ROY G BIV! Miss Grace can't wait to try all the projects! Janet has scored another hit book, perfect for Spring giving, for celebrating the rainbow with the leprechaun's gold this month, or putting in the Easter basket!" ~Bless Their Hearts Mom blog: http://blesstheirheartsmom.blogspot.com/2014/03/childrens-book-review-rainbow-of-birds.html\

"Janet Halfmann is a talented and prolific writer with a long career behind her and more ahead. In her latest release, A RAINBOW OF BIRDS, illustrated by Jack Foster, she creates a bird legend about how the rainbow came to be. Creation stories are always a success with young readers, and this one is a vibrantly colorful story (literally, full of color). It provides numerous cues and opportunities for kids to chime in (chirp in?) with repeated readings. I see potential for an eager group to generate a script from it, culminating in a colorful rainbow display at its conclusion. For the very youngest it also encourages naming/pointing to colors, playing with sounds, and careful observation of nature. ... this is another of the many titles Janet has written that offer instructional back matter related to the topic as well as crafts and suggested activities." ~Unpacking the Power of Picture Books: http://unpackingpicturebookpower.blogspot.com/2014/03/another-new-release-and-interview-janet.html

“A Rainbow of Birds is a brightly hued tale of how birds gave the world the enchanting gift of rainbows. As the chicks wait for the rain to pass they ask Papa Cardinal to tell them a story. He tells them the most amazing tale of a colorful array of birds that came together to create magic in the sky. This lively story teaches children the colors of the rainbow in a fun and imaginative way. To instill further learning the book also contains facts as well as myths about rainbows and activities children can do to make their own. I recommend picking up a copy of A Rainbow of Birds”. ~Stacie Theis, BeachBoundBooks: http://www.beachboundbooks.com/2/post/2014/03/a-rainbow-of-birds-book-review.html

“Have you ever wondered about the rainbow in the sky, or how does the colors of the rainbow stay up high in the sky? Well, a rainbow of birds by author Janet Halfmann gives an insight.While waiting for the summer rain to stop, Papa Cardinal tells his chicks a story about how birds get livelier after the summer rain and soar high in the sky. He went on to say how the cardinals flew from one end of the sky to the other, forming a band of beautiful bright red. Next in line are the robins with their orange breast, the yellow warblers, the parrots, the blue jays, the indigo buntings and the purple martins all lined up to form the rainbow of birds. The chicks were so excited to see the magic in the sky as the sun peek out of the sky.This is a well written story by the author Janet Halfmann with bold vibrant color illustrations by Jack Foster. At the end of the story, Janet Halfmann included the rainbow facts and fun, the rainbow’s name, rainbow stories, how to make a rainbow outdoors/indoors and many more. I love that the book is full of fun and imagination for kids. I highly recommend this book for classroom reading.” ~Mymcbook’s Blog: http://mymcbooks.wordpress.com/2014/03/29/book-reviewgiveaway-a-rainbow-of-birds-ends-april-19th/

“A Rainbow of Birds by Janet Halfmann is a vibrant story of color that celebrates the tradition of storytelling. In this imaginative idea that capitalizes on legends and the ancient art of storytelling, children find a fanciful and fun story of how birds came together–sometimes after a squabble–to create the world’s first rainbow. In her trademark habit of educating and entertaining, Halfmann has included fun facts about rainbows, the magic of leprechauns, and rainbow activities and crafts. Artist Jack Foster has truly outdone himself with the vibrant and occasionally zany characters depicted in this story. I always enjoy Foster’s work, but this book is so stunning it warrants special mention. Coupled with Halfmann’s delightful text, I could imagine and almost hear the story taking place through my office window. Nature lovers, lovers of legends, and those who enjoy books where storytelling plays a role will want to snatch this one up right away. Highly recommended!” ~The Children’s and Teens Book Connection

"A Rainbow of Birds" is a beautiful original legend about how rainbows began. Written for children by multiple award winning author Halfmann, "A Rainbow of Birds" uses bright bands of different colored birds to delineate the colors of the rainbow. Told as a cardinal bird legend, because the cardinals were the first band of birds bringing the red ribbon of the rainbow, "A Rainbow of Birds" appeals to children's sense of immediate magic and discovery of the beauty in nature. As Papa cardinal tells the story, the birds became very excited and flew madly about after a rainfall. First came the red cardinals, in a band of color. Then next came the orange breasted robins, completing the orange stripe, followed by chirping yellow warblers, noisy green parrots and loud, pushy blue jays. Following them was the deepest band of indigo buntings for indigo color band, and last of all flew the purple martins, creating a royal ribbon of violet. This completed the first rainbow of birds, in six glorious colors, celebrating the end of the rain. In the final pages, additional Rainbow Facts & Fun contain many more ideas about how to appreciate and understand rainbows. Delightful, comic illustrations of cheery colored birds make the story of "A Rainbow of Birds" very appealing to young readers. ~Midwest Book Review: Children’s Bookwatch: http://www.midwestbookreview.com/cbw/jun_14.htm#Picturebook

A Rainbow of Birds (Guardian Angel Publishing) by Janet Halfmann is one of the most colorful books I've seen from Jack Foster. He went all out bringing the colors of the rainbow to life. Janet's story is a delight and bonus activities in the back of the book teach about rainbows. Other recent titles by Janet include Eggs 1, 2,3: Who Will the Babies Be?, Home in the Cave, Star of the Sea, A Day in the Life of a Starfish, Good Night, Little Sea Otter, and Seven Miles to Freedom: The Robert Smalls Story. Janet has written thirty-five fiction and nonfiction books for children.
~Donna Shepherd: http://donnashepherd.blogspot.com/2014/05/a-rainbow-of-birds-by-janet-halfman.html

Janet Halfmann has been a favorite author in our family for years. My older boys grew up on her books, so naturally their two-year-old baby brother became a Halfmann fan, as well. I think it's the subject matter her books typically cover that is so intriguing to young readers, in particular little boys. I think we started with Little Skink's Tail, and what little boy can resist a book about creepy crawlies? I was excited to read about a new release from Halfmann on Mymcbooks blog. I was even more excited when I won a copy in her giveaway! Thanks, Ella!
We didn't waste any time diving into the book as soon as we got home and found it had arrived in the mail. The story centers on Papa Bird, who decides to tell his chicks a story about how rainbows are made. It's a mythical tale that assigns a type of bird to each color of the rainbow, so children can learn to recognize familiar birds they might find outside. It wraps up with a little science, explaining how rainbows are actually created and introducing the Roy G. Biv spectrum. There are also experiments for little ones to create their own rainbows.
~BreeniBooks blog: http://www.breenibooks.com/2014/04/a-rainbow-of-birds-by-janet-halfmann.html

“The first thing the reader will notice when picking up this book is the vibrant colors of the birds, plants and other creatures portrayed here.  After a rainstorm, Papa bird tells his chicks an imagined folk tale about the origin of the rainbow.  Halfmann cleverly uses the traditional story arc of an origin tale: an older, wise character telling the story to his children or grandchildren.  When the little chicks ask Papa if he was there when the first rainbow formed he says, “No, this happened long before I was born. My father told this story to me, and his grandfather told it to him.” Long ago, birds were even more active after a rainstorm than they are today. The cardinals were the first birds to fly up after a rainstorm “…forming a band of beautiful bright red.” Robins were next with their orange breasts, joined by yellow warblers, green parrots and blue jays. Indigo buntings and purple martins finished off the rainbow. This book includes a section titled “Rainbow Facts & Fun” with an explanation of how rainbows are formed and fun projects for kids to try. They can make their own rainbows with a garden hose and watering nozzle, learn to mix primary colors or research other rainbow stories. Many cultures have an origin story explaining this natural phenomenon. This book will appeal to children of all ages, especially with the experiments in the back of the book. The colors alone will fascinate babies. The only thing that confused me was Papa Cardinal’s large beak. When I first saw it I thought he was a toucan. But that is a minor point in an otherwise lovely and fun book that will delight readers both old and young.” ~Golowd blog: http://golowd.com/2014/04/05/rainbow-of-birds-alive-with-color/