Her Pink Hair

Category: Health & Hygiene
Author& Illustrator: Jill Dana www.jilldanabooks.com
Print ISBN: 9781616335687; 1616335688
eBook ISBN: 9781616335694; 1616335696

The story of a young girl's perspective of her best friend's battle with cancer. With poetic text and mixed-media clay illustrations, experience the story through a unique lens.

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(This) is a tribute book to children with cancer. The story is about Stephanie, a little girl who has cancer. It is told from the viewpoint of her best friend. Stephanie’s friend visits her at home and in the hospital. We see the stages that Stephanie goes through in her struggle. First she’s sick and weak. Then she leaves school and goes to the hospital for treatment. But she loses her long hair from the cancer treatments. Then when her hair starts to grow back, her mother dyes it pink. How her hair changes shows us how Stephanie changes in the progression of her disease.
Jill Dana uses the medium of clay sculpture to illustrate her book. The scenes are three dimensional and artfully done. You almost expect the characters to come alive and walk off the page on their own. I’m sure this is due to Ms. Dana’s artistic and film-making background. Her artwork is sure to captivate children. ~Reviewed by: Penelope Anne Cole, Award Winning author of Magical Matthew, Mágico Mateo (Spanish Version) Magical Mea, and Ten Little Tricksters.