One Large Peanut Butter Sandwich to Go

Category: Littlest Angels
Author: Linda Derkez
Artist: David Fielding
Print ISBN: 9781616332808; 1616332808
eBook ISBN: 9781616332815; 1616332816

Scotty is in the habit of walking around with his food, leaving crumbs all over, rather than sitting at the table to eat. Mom is in the habit of letting him. One day Mom decides to use her imagination to fix this growing problem.

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“Scotty’s insatiable appetite and habit of wandering his house and beyond while eating causes a trail of crumbs. At first it seems easier for Mom to allow the freedom of wandering until the mess gets out of control. Using the what if scenario to her advantage, Mom shares examples of what may happen to Scotty’s sandwich during his travels beyond the confines of their home. What ensues is a hilarious imagined adventure. Whether you like peanut butter or not, the youngest of readers will enjoy the antics of Scotty and the stories that pop out of the imagination.”
--Donna M. McDine, award-winning children’s author

"Scotty imagines himself outside with his very large peanut butter sandwich. He meets many other people who all have the same thing in common: they are hungry! The pictures in this book are vividly enticing. They jump off the page and grab attention. I think any child would be thrilled to read these pages written by Linda Derkez, and gaze upon the artwork of David Fielding; over and over again. This book could very well become a favorite in a child’s library. I give this book 5 stars for color, and 5 stars for story content. The mother in this story found a way to heighten her child’s reasoning without being cross or negative; a lesson to be learned for sure.”
--Susan Hornbach, author of children’s literature

"When Scotty asks to roam around the house with toast or a cheese sandwich, his mom doesn’t think much of it. But when he asks to walk to his dad’s work with a goopy, messy peanut butter and jelly sandwich, Scotty’s mom has to think fast of how to get Scotty to sit at the table and eat his sandwich. I can imagine the book used as a story starter having students continue the story line. What would happen if Scotty’s sandwich grew so large that he had to wheelbarrow it? And what if the whole town wanted a bite? The possibilities are endless!”
--Jennifer Prus, Children’s Picture Book Author

"Scotty has a bad habit of walking around with his food and leaving crumbs everywhere. Mom wants to teach him it’s best to eat at the table and tries a new strategy. This is a fun story that kids will want to see and hear again and again. The lesson Mom wants to teach Scotty will come across loud and clear.”
--Penelope Anne Cole, Children’s Book Author