Monster Maddie

Category: Littlest Angels
Author: Susan Stephenson
Artist: K.C. Snider
Print ISBN: 9781616330279; 1616330279
eBook ISBN: 9781616330286; 1616330287

To make the kids at her new school take notice, Maddie becomes a monster, with fangs and claws and wild, wild hair. They turn their backs. When she realizes her mistake, a kitten shows her the way to making friends successfully.

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Susan Stephenson's rhythmic (but not rhyming) text is a delight. From page 5: "Arriving at school, Miss Maddie Monster played tricks on the other kids. She put ants in their pants, dirt in their shirts and ooze in their shoes." Children will love the play of words and Maddie's outlandish behavior. Illustrated with beautiful watercolors, this picture book would be great as an early reader or a gentle lesson for preschoolers awaiting that first day of kindergarten.

Included at the back of the book are six pages of activities for teachers and parents to help kids explore Monster Maddie. The activities range from alliteration games to writing, crafts and drama games. As a parent, I appreciate books that give more for their dollar, and I wasn't disappointed with this one."
-- Kim Chatel, author and owner of

Monster Maddie is Susan Stephenson�s first published children�s picture book. Her extensive experience as a writer, teacher and blog extraordinaire (as The Book Chook), is obvious throughout the text. The book is geared for ages 4 � 10 and, although a stand alone picture book, Monster Maddie would be appropriate to study in a classroom withlearning activities included.

There�s something impish and like-able about Maddie, despite her horrid antics and monster-like transformation; the fangs and claws and wild, wild hair. This like-ability factor provides a strong platform for the clever, non-preachy message within: "what you do is what you become."
-- On BeAFunMum blog, by Kelly Burstow