And Then Mama Said...It Takes Time to Learn to Read

Category: Academic Wings
Author: Gena Suarez, Publisher- The Old Schoolhouse ® Magazine
Print ISBN: 9781935137115
eBook ISBN: 9781935137177

This endearing book introduces Splish, who longs to read—all by himself. Mama tells Splish to be patient and keep trying, and one day it will happen. Splish wants to believe Mama, but he still sulks and gets frustrated. In the end, perseverance and patience (everyone's) are rewarded!

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"My children were inspired by Splish’s determination to read against the odds, and I was inspired by Mama’s warmth and wisdom. This book is not one to miss. Dive in and enjoy!"
— Jane Bullivant, international author, speaker and broadcaster (England)

"Mama Frog’s careful handling of her own role in her son’s learning process felt like a webbed pat on the back for this homeschooling mother, who has had to explain to others why following a child’s lead really is the best way to foster reading independence. . . . Suarez’s dedication to keeping first things first is apparent; I’m fairly certain that I’ve never seen a children’s book that touts character above learning to read! What a nice reminder for homeschooling moms, whose days are so often focused on heads, not hearts."
— Heather Schwarzen, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, homeschool crew member

"How I wish I had this book when my dyslexic son was struggling to read."
— Jeannie Fulbright, author/speaker

"Parents will appreciate the respect and kindness displayed by each of the book’s characters. You won’t have to worry about your preschooler picking up any bad attitudes from this book! . . . After we finished reading the story, my younger son wanted me to show him all the pictures again. ‘Show me Tia Turtle one more time!’ . . . "
— Cindy Horton, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, homeschool crew member

"My youngest daughter was engaged from the very beginning of this book, quickly relating to Splish’s struggle in learning to read. When my children heard that Mama Frog homeschools Splish, they noticed - and the excitement showed on their faces!"
— Jolanthe Erb, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, homeschool crew member

"God has designed every child to develop differently and to learn how to read at their own pace. Gena’s story of Splish is encouragement for all of us to trust in His perfect plan. This is a must read for every family who has a child not yet reading."
— Denise Kanter,

"I’ve long been convinced that the most effective materials for introducing the young to the joys of reading are those which are simple without being simplistic, and plain-speaking without patronizing. I was delighted to find that Gena Suarez’s wonderful book gets it ‘just right.’ I only wish it had been around years ago."
— Dr. Carl Wieland, founding editor of Creation Magazine, and head of Creation Ministries International (Australia)