Mama Grizzly Bear

Category: Academic Wings
Author: Margot Finke
Artist: Gloria Swan
Print ISBN: 9781616333041; 1616333049
eBook ISBN: 9781616333058; 1616333057

Spend an exciting year with a mama grizzly bear and her cubs. Follow her hunting, then hibernating in winter and the birth of her cubs. Spring finds them learning lessons from Mama on how to survive. They have only one enemy – man and his gun. A rhyming tale for all ages.

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Mama Grizzly Bear


"Mama Grizzly knows exactly what to teach her inquisitive cubs, and Margot Finke knows exactly how to show us. Readers young and old will enjoy following Mama Grizzly through a year of her life. In rhyming verse and lifelike illustrations, we see Mama snug in her cave nursing her cubs. When they’re old enough, she guides them to find the food they will need to survive, like berries, honey and fish. And when winter blows cold and snowy, a long nap is in order. A gentle nudge reminds us that man has encroached on nature and is her only threat."
--REVIEW MARK: GREAT READ!--Reviewer: Alice Berger, Muse Reviews

"This book is beautifully illustrated by the late Gloria Gualkie Swan. The richly detailed pictures complement and enliven the story . Children will enjoy the pictures as much as the rhyming story and interesting facts. It’s a perfect “read aloud” book to enrich the science and ecology curriculum. Rhyming books about animals are a real treat for me, especially when coupled with such expressive artwork. I recommend this book to teachers and parents to help children expand their knowledge about conserving wildlife habitat, protecting endangered species, and preserving our wild lands for future generations. I look forward to more books in Margot Finke’s “Wild and Wonderful” series."
--Reviewed by: Penelope Anne Cole