Land of Lost Socks: a children's musical

Category: Angelic Harmony
Author: Jane Tesh
Author:Joni Klein-Higger
SofcoverISBN: 9781616333973; 1616333979
eBookISBN: 9781616333980; 1616333987
Music CD ISBN: 9781616334017; 1616334010

When Joel’s older brother tells him to get lost, Joel really gets lost! Amelia Earhart, the Lost Colony, and the Anazasi people are some of the famous historical mysteries Joel learns about when he is befriended by two lost socks, Tube and Argyle, in a land filled with missing things.

A children's historical musical- listen to one song from the musical.
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" Joel wants to be with big brother Bart, who wants to hang out with his friends -- without Joel tagging along. When Bart tells Joel to “Get lost,” whoosh,he does. Joel ends up in the Land of Lost Socks, and, well, lost everything. There are lost socks, keys, hats, umbrellas, shoes, overdue library books, Atlantis (the Lost Continent), and even worse -- lost people! These lost folks share their stories with Joel, but no one has any idea about getting “un-lost” and going home. Since it’s a children’s musical, there is a happy ending. Still, it does give you pause to imagine a place where our lost things from this world find each other in another world.

This musical is sure to be a hit wherever it is performed. There are many parts for children to play, the scenery is simple, but effective, it helps history to come alive, and the music will keep things jumping and moving along smartly. There are some life lessons here that will resonate with children and parents. It is my pleasure to recommend this musical to schools, teachers, and home school parents."- Reviewed by: Penelope Anne Cole
Award winning author of Magical Matthew and Magical Mea.