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Guardian Angel Publishing  flip Books

Based on a flipping page book concept, FlipViewer® is not like any conventional web browser. The pages are downloaded and organized into a book form. Individual pages are displayed like those in a real book.

*Please download the zipped versions of the book either from the free book pages or after purchase you will be redirected to a download page at Payloadz. You may download  one or all versions- .HTML version viewed on your internet browser, PDF which you need the free Adobe Acrobat to view, or the Flip viewer with instructions below.

*Please download the
reading program needed to open and read the flip album book: Choose Windows version or Mac version (Note; this works only for OS 10 and newer versions. 10.4 requires a different program. Go to www.flipviewer.com)

If you don't have a zipping program, you will need to download a free trial program to unzip the .zip book file. You need to have "Winzip®" for Windows PC on your hard drive (or StuffitExpander® if you use a Mac). Go to http://download.com or http://tucows.com to get your zipping tools. Learn more about Winzip® - the archiving tool at the Winzip homepage


  • Download the Flip Viewing program (Windows or Mac) You only need to download and install the reading program once to your hard drive for your books now or in the future.
  • Install the viewing program (in Windows just double click on the file you downloaded [fv36.exe], Windows should automatically install it for you).
  • Download purchased or book (above). Save the book to a directory you will remember on your hard drive. (We suggest naming your folder, "My Library" or something you'll recognize to hold all your future books.)
  • Unzip the book's zipped file which will contain "book_name.opf"(a red book) and the supporting directory (same name file folder) that contains the files used to make the book. Place both these files in your "library" folder.
  • Open flip viewing program on your computer.  Inside the viewing program choose the "file" drop down menu in the top left corner of the screen.  Choose "Open file." DO NOT USE "OPEN FOLDER" as this will make a book on the fly that will not be correct.  Browse your hard drive for the directory you put the book in and click on the "book-name.opf" file. This will now open your book.
  • or For viewing FLIP BOOKS- After you have downloaded and installed the FREE FLIP VIEWER and unzipped your FLIP e-book it will be your responsibility to save the e-book files to your computer and to back them up. The unzipped book file should contain an .opf file folder and a RED BOOK. Click on the Red Book to open the flip book. Point your cursor over the right edge of the book to flip to next page. The flip book directions are on the first page after the cover. Make sure your speakers are on and enjoy.
  • CLICK on this link for a Printable instructions page

    Purchasing Guide: Guardian Angel Publishing books are rated for children of all ages (0-12)