ABC's of Health & Safety

Category: Health & Hygiene
Author: Melissa Abramovitz
Artist: Alexander Morris
Print ISBN: 9781616332761; 161633276X
eBook ISBN: 9781616332778; 1616332778

From active aerobics to heart-healthy habits to zoo zone zeal, this delightfully rhyming ABC book introduces kids to health and safety basics in a fun way. They’ll learn about everything from keeping the grubbies away to kitchen safety to the importance of a healthy weight through familiar (and some new!) alphabet-linked words.

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"This picture book by Melissa Abramovitz is an original and creative way to teach kids two things at the same time; the alphabet and how to care for themselves. For that reason it should be especially useful for preschool teachers and parents of young kids. The author managed to find two relevant words for every letter of the alphabet that relate to healthy habits. Young kids can learn the meaning of words like 'quiescence' and 'sufficient' from the context and will be reminded several times of the importance of exercise and a balanced diet. They'll also get some wise advice they might not find in other books for their age group, such as not skating on thin ice. The illustrations by Alexander Morris are bright, cheerful, and as energetic as the kids who follow the advice in ABC's of Health and Safety will be".~ Janet Ann Collins

"*Picture book for ages 4 to 8, nonfiction (but told in rhyme) *Health and safety are the topics *Rating: ABC’s of Health and Safety takes a look at some unusual, but important, safety tips that are not usually mentioned in books. They are covered in an interesting and unique way with cute illustrations! Short, short summary: This book presents health and safety tips in 4-line stanzas that rhyme. It goes through the entire alphabet A to Z, offering a tip for each letter. Some of the more unusual tips are for the letter Z: Zoo Zone Zeal, and Q is for QUIET QUIESCENCE. Students get many tips from eating healthy to exercise, from being safe when riding in a car to lively laughter with the letter L. This is the perfect book for home school parents or a young primary/preschool classroom!"~Margo Dill

"... a multifaceted book for which children will learn more than just their ABC’s, not to imply that, that would not be enough to expect from a child’s colorful book. But, this whimsical picture book also covers many subjects in the world of health, safety, exercise, and happiness. Each page explains to children the importance of keeping themselves healthy and safe, and how to do it. As each page turns, a new letter from the alphabet appears with a wonderful illustration of a child who is performing an act that pertains to what a child needs to do, to stay healthy and safe. It illustrates what they should eat, how to be safe while swimming, Kitchen safety, and the list goes on and on, for each letter of the alphabet throughout the book. Children will be amused by the active pictures while they are learning important life safety and healthy habits. ABC’s of Health and Safety could be an important learning aid for teachers of beginning grades. This book could be incorporated into a teacher’s curriculum, as the book holds a wealth of information for safety and health education. Parents will also find this most informative book for the health and safety of their children useful. Most of all children will love to read this colorful book again and again, as it is first and foremost, a fun book to read! ABC’s of Health and Safety deserves ***** for imagination, great illustrations, and exceptional informative content. "~ Susan Hornbach, author of children’s literature.

"Explore the words and advice of health and safety through Melissa’s Abramovitz’s beautiful rhyme. The real life age appropriate examples bring forth an easy and enjoyable experience to share both at home and school and at the same time learning the alphabet. “B is for Beach Behavior Nobody should swim alone! Be sure to have a buddy And stay in a safe swim zone.” The eye catching illustrations created by Alexander Morris provide a perfect combination to capture the attention of the youngest readers. Curl up with your child and let the conversation flow as you read the ABCs of Health and Safety for Ms. Abramovitz’s expert knack pulls children in from the onset".~ Donna McDine, award-winning author and editor

"... puts our friendly ABC’s to a whole new purpose. This book helps teachers and parents teach important health and safety lessons in a format familiar to elementary kids. Adults can read the rhymes aloud, kids can enjoy the cute pictures, while important information is presented and discussed. The artwork by Alexander Morris provides fun cartoons to illustrate the rhyming health and safety tips. As we read along and turn the pages, we anticipate what each letter will represent. Kids will be wondering and guessing, too. It’s a good way to involve everyone in important health, hygiene, and safety guidance. Because some of the words may be unfamiliar to the younger audience, it will also help expand their vocabulary. I especially enjoyed “quiet quiescence.” Thanks to Melissa Abramovitz and Alexander Morris for a new take on health and safety concerns using our old friends, the ABC’s."
~ Penelope Anne Cole