Golden Daffodils

Category: Littlest Angels
Author: Liam Maher
Artist: Marina Movshina
Print ISBN: 9781616330736; 1616330732
eBook ISBN: 9781616330743; 1616330740

Paddy's beautiful daffodils are mysteriously stolen from the garden. Tupo Hoopoe sets off on a grand adventure to get them back. The fast moving story, full of twists and turns will keep children absorbed from beginning to end.

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Golden Daffodils (Paperback)- Paddy, the gardener, grows some beautiful golden daffodils in his garden. He is wondering if they could win first prize in the Spring Garden Show. His friend, a little bird named Tupo Hoopoe, wants to help her dear friend win first prize for his daffodils. She spots a fairy as she drops a bag which spills some shimmering gold dust. Tupo gathers up the spilled fairy dust and sprinkles it on Paddy's daffodils. The flowers turn a beautiful golden shade that Tupo is sure will cause them to win the prize. But it's not that simple. The morning of the show the golden daffodils are gone, vanished! The adventures begin as Tupo tries to find them. Will Tupo be able to find the daffodils in time? The cover art and illustrations are beautifully done by Marina Movshina, and the book is another of Guardian Angel Publishing's quality books for children.
--Connie Arnold "Inspirational poet"