Grandma's Adventures with God Creatures

Category: Wings of Faith

Author: Connie Heiser
Illustrator:Sheila K. Spory
Paperback ISBN: 9781616338886 1616338881
eBook ISBN: 9781616338893 161633889X

Join another adventure with Halle, Grant, Grandma, Grandpa, and all God’s creatures. Children of all ages will be delighted as they chase grasshoppers, capture caterpillars, and discover if ants really do wear pants. This is a second in a series of Christian bedtime stories that will help shape the hearts of the little ones in your life for Jesus.

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Two Page Preview:

# 1
Fun with Henry Honda
Halle and Grant rummaged through their bag of goodies their grandparents had given them.
“Thank you for the rocks, Grandma.” Halle plucked out two shiny purple stones and waved them in the air. “Grant, look at these.”
“Awesome.” Grant held up two orange rocks. “Look at mine, Halle.”
Mommy entered the room with a tray of fresh squeezed lemonade. “Welcome home. Did you enjoy your vacation?”
“Sure did.” Grandpa sipped his lemonade. “Just wasn’t long enough.”
“They never are.” Mommy grinned.
“Mommy, look.” Halle held up a t-shirt with a picture of a moose on it. “I am going to go put it on right now.”
“Me, too.” Grant yanked his t-shirt from his bag and headed to his room to change.
Grandpa handed Mommy and Daddy a packet of pictures. They sat down together and listened as Grandpa and Grandma explained each one.
“You both look kind of rough in this picture,” Mommy said.
“A little bit.” Grandma cupped her hand around her mouth and whispered. “Don’t tell the kids, but the first day was kind of rough.”
Halle and Grant ran in the room and crowded in between Mommy and Daddy. Halle and Grant studied each photo. The kids said, “Oh!”and “Wow!” at the beautiful landscape and huge snow-topped mountain pictures.
“Look at the chipmunks.” Halle giggled.
“Awww. They are so cute.” Grant sighed. “I wish we could have one for a pet.”
“Until one bites you.” Halle shook her fingers and winced.
“You make a good point there.” Grant laughed. “They do look like they have some pretty sharp teeth.”
“This is an old ghost town we explored.” Grandpa pointed at a new picture. “The trails getting there were kind of rough.”
Grandma chuckled. “We were just thankful Henry helped us.”
“Henry? Who is Henry?” Halle asked with a puzzled look on her face.
“Don’t be silly, Halle.” Grant teased. “Henry was the chipmunk. Right, Grandma?”
“No, Henry is not a chipmunk.” Grandma squeezed Grant’s chubby cheeks. “We named our little side by side car . . . Henry Honda.”
The family roared with laughter.
“Now that’s funnier than Grant having a pet chipmunk.” Halle shook her head.
“Yeah, Grandma and I spent a lot of time taking Henry up and down the mountain trails and across little streams. Didn’t we, Grandma?” Grandpa patted her knee.