God's Answer Book
Colleen Reece's Chapbook Series Book 3

Category: Wings of Faith
Author: Colleen L. Reece
eBook ISBN: 9781616339395 161633939X
Paperback ISBN:9781616339388 1616339381

Aaron, 5, his sister Lacey, 7, and their friends Ali and Umeko, 6 and 7, are happy and thankful for all the good things in their lives. But when sad things happen to them and their neighbors, the children find help in their Bible “answer book.”

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Chapter One
‘Do I have to Go?’

Five-year-old Aaron Foster clutched his seven-year-old sister Lacey’s hand. His round blue eyes looked scared. “D-do I have to go?”
“Of course, silly.” Lacey patted her little brother’s hand. She didn’t let him see that she was a little frightened, too. If only Mom had been able to bring them to church for the first time since they moved to Seattle. Lacy sighed. Mom kept saying things would get better once Dad got out of the hospital. But it seemed forever ago that he got hurt at work and the Fosters had to sell their home in the country so they could be near Dad. Now Mom was too sick with flu to stay at church.
“Nothing is the same here,” Aaron complained. He looked at the green-painted walls of the church hallway. “Our other church had yellow walls.”
“Here’s your room,” Lacey told him.
Aaron peeked in, saw the strange children and teacher, and clung to Lacey. He put his free hand to his mouth. “Can’t I go with you?”
“No. Mom said she called our teachers, and they’re expecting us.” Lacey looked down at Aaron. “Hey, there’s nothing to be scared of.” She knew she was talking to herself as much as to her brother.
“1-1 don’t know anyone.” He squeezed Lacey’s hand even harder.
What should she do? She had promised Mom to look after Aaron when Mom dropped them off at the church just a few blocks from the Fosters’ new home. Then Lacey remembered. “Aaron, Dad always says we have a Friend with us every minute of every day. When you go to class you do know Someone who is here. You know Jesus! Remember how many times God helped the Bible people who had to go to strange lands?”
“Y -e-s.” Aaron still looked doubtful, but he let go of his sister’s hand.
“Let’s trust Him, okay?’
Before Aaron could answer, a boy with sparkly dark eyes looked up and saw the children in the open doorway. He leaped up and ran over. “Hi, I’m Ali. You must be Aaron. Our teacher said you were coming. I live near you. Do you like to make things?” He grinned real big. “Come on, Aaron. You can sit by me.”


Great stories for kids in today's world...

These were realistic stories to help children through daily struggles and challenges. Aaron and Lacey Foster are brother and sister whose father is in the hospital. Lacey helps her little brother to trust God in the small things as well as the big things by believing what God says in His Answer Book:The Bible. She helps him find answers to their fears, insecurities, friendships, and praying for friends and families. Together, they and their friends come to trust God for outcomes. He doesn't always give us everything we want but He does give us what He knows is best for us.~5 Stars from Renee Riva