Freddy, Hoppie and the Eyeglasses

Category: Health & Hygiene
Author: Michelle Nott
Artist: Robert Lee Beers
Print ISBN: 9781616337339 1616337338
eBook ISBN: 9781616337346 1616337346

Freddy and his imaginary frog Hoppie jump into each day. But numbers smudge, words blur, and classmates snicker. By the end of the week, there is no more spring in their step. Freddy knows he should tell his mom about the trouble they are having, but how?

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"--a story that many kids and adults can relate to. Freddy has trouble seeing—numbers and letters are mostly squiggly or smudged. He relies on Hoppie the frog, his imaginary friend, to help him see things. This story would be helpful to any child with a disability, such as faulty vision, that can be corrected and helped. It also points out that children may hide or make excuses for their problems. Perhaps kids don’t want to admit to a disability due to embarrassment or perceived failure. Parents and teachers should also point out that the response of the other school children in the story—snickering or giggling—isn’t a helpful or kind response to a classmate’s problem. Alternate helpful responses should be discussed and modeled for the class in similar situations. This story is recommended for classroom and school libraries and doctor offices, for ages 6 to 8." ~Reviewed by: Penelope Anne Cole