Category: Academic Wings
Author: Susan J Berger
Artist: Eugene Ruble
Hardcover ISBN: 9781616334307; 1616334304
Paperback ISBN: 9781933090665; 1933090669
eBook ISBN: 9781935137542; 1935137549

This book about Earthquakes empowers your kids with information and preparedness. What causes earthquakes? Can we predict them? How are earthquakes measured? How do we prepare for them? There are lots of fun factoids and a few experiments. (Learn how to make your own seiche.) What was the biggest earthquake? Find out here. 2/2016 UPDATED SECOND EDITION NOW RELEASED! in softcover, ebook and hardcover.
green book award THIS BOOK in the Wild Card Category won HONORABLE MENTION at the 2009 GREEN BOOK FESTIVAL

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“Earthquake!” has lots of factoids that are well presented in a straightforward and humorous way. The scientific process is explained in sufficient detail to be interesting, but not so detailed as to confuse or overwhelm kids. It’s in plain English. There are lots of illustrations and important tips for preparing for earthquakes and what to do if you find yourself in an earthquake. The emergency preparedness tips, kits, and plans are important for everyone to know to be prepared. As we in Northern California approach April and the anniversary of the 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake, I urge parents, teachers, schools, school libraries, and emergency services departments in cities where earthquakes are common to get this book, read it with your kids. You need to be prepared for “The Big One” that we all know will come. Thank you, Susan Berger and Eugene Ruble, for this important book, for kids age six to nine. ~Reviewed by: Penelope Anne Cole, Award Winning Author of Magical Matthew, Mágico Mateo (Spanish), Magical Mea, and Ten Little Tricksters.

This children's nonfiction book will make a valuable addition to any classroom, library, or home book shelf. In a clear, straight forward style, supported by interesting factoids and colorful illustrations that kids will relate to, the author explains: earthquake terms, what happens during and after an earthquake, after shocks, earthquake prediction, the Mercalli and Richter scales, how can people prepare and take precautions, emergency supplies, and much more. Read more: "New Children's Book About Earthquakes:~ Reviewer Mayra Calvani