Cody Knows

Category: Littlest Angels
Author: Karen Sue Wiesner
Artist: Candace Hardy
Print ISBN: 9781616332600; 1616332603
eBook ISBN: 9781616332617; 1616332611

Follow the antics and adventures of a single day in the life of an Indiana Jones-wanna-be toddler, Cody. Simple words and sentences bring the story to life for beginning readers.

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“Karen Sue Wiesner captures the pure innocence that thrives within every young child. This book is a beautiful, heart-felt story about a little boy named Cody who knows how to test his parents’ limits. Even though the devil comes out in him during the day, the angel soothingly appears while he is sleeping. ” ~Reviewed by Jennifer LB Leese

“This story follows one weekday in the life of little Cody. It begins at daybreak and ends at bed time. Most any child will be able to relate with the story of Cody. This is a wonderful picture book for preschoolers. Simple words to follow and short sentences per page so your child can read along with you. The illustrations are bright and colorful, very eye-catching, with many details.” ~Huntress Reviews

“CODY KNOWS is one of many books by award-winning, multi-genre author, Karen Wiesner. She is joined by Linda Derkez in writing this story about a little boy named Cody and the things he knows. They are the types of things that small children learn as they grow, through what they are taught and their experiences. There are basic things like "blocks are for building" and "books are for reading." My favorites are "Daddies are for piggyback rides" and "Mamas are for hugging." The illustrations by Candace Hardy are filled with colorful details that will give a child plenty to look at while listening to the story. The short sentences and simple text make it good for helping youngsters learn to read.” ~reviewer Connie Arnold

“CODY KNOWS by Karen Sue Wiesner with Linda Derkez, illustrated by Candace J. Hardy, is a book that should be given to all parents-to-be and new preschool teachers. This book tells it like you want it to be, but shows it like it is. Wiesner and Derkez have perfectly captured life with a toddler, from maddening to heartwarming. New parents and preschool teachers will relate to this book with a big “Amen.” You can’t turn a page without wondering, what will Cody get in to next? And how will his frazzled parents cope? They’ll do what every parent of a toddler does: watch ‘em like a hawk, pray for patience and strength, and live for the next day, when Cody will learn something new.

Candace J. Hardy’s art illustrates the true essence of parenting. The parents’ (and grandparent’s) faces are alive with their fears as well as their hopes and dreams. They rush around trying to stay in step with Cody while he’s gleefully one or two steps ahead of them. You see their worry and surprise, and also their love and joy. This book can be a good teaching tool to tell your child what you want them to learn while showing them what you don’t want. “See what Cody’s doing. Now look at his Mommy’s and Daddy’s faces. What do they want Cody to do here?” I believe if more parents get this book before they become parents, they will be much better prepared for everything, instead of hearing, 'You have no idea what you’re in for.' As we all know, parenting isn’t for sissies or cowards.” ~reviewer by Penelope Anne Cole, children’s book author