Chizzy's Topsy Tale

Category: Littlest Angels
Author: Donna J. Shepherd
Artist: Kevin Scott Collier
Print ISBN: 9781935137108
eBook ISBN: 9781935137139

Whimsical rhymes speed Chizzy and Dotty into the jungle on a whirlwind search for tempting fruit. Kevin Scott Collier illustrates Chizzy’s rollicking escapades with a deft and humorous touch. Solid values, like helping a friend in need and minding Momma, make Chizzy's Topsy Tale a wonderful read-aloud choice.

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"Little monkey, Chizzy, has a problem. Momma wants to keep him close to home, but his friend, Dotty, calls him to come find fruit. The pair meet a lion cub and a baby elephant, then at last find some fruit. Braving the dark jungle, they finally make it home again, but Chizzy, alas, is grounded. This cute tale is told in rhyme. I believe rhyming text is a great bridge to learning to read. Once children have been read to often from a favourite book in rhyme, they memorize the text without effort. Soon, they begin to "read" alone, linking remembered words with squiggles on a page. Chizzy's Topsy Tale is just the sort of picture book that helps children learn to read."
--Susan Stephenson

"It’s a Jungle Out There! Chizzy’s snug in bed where Momma told him to stay, but when his friend Dotty tempts him with the promise of fresh fruit for a bedtime snack, how can he resist? Once he strays the tiniest bit from doing the right thing, however, it’s so easy for Chizzy to stray a little further. Soon Chizzy and Dotty are lost deep in the jungle. They aren’t alone, either! There are some shivery surprises along the way. If only Chizzy had listened to Momma… Donna Shepherd’s newest Topsy Tale weaves a whisper of an important lesson into rhymes packed with action as Chizzy learns the hard way that Momma knows best. Kevin Scott Collier’s illustrations add humor and pleasing bright colors. Pull kids, grandkids, nieces, or nephews onto your lap and read this irresistible story aloud."
--Stephanie Reed Dublin, Ohio