Chances Are

Category: Academic Wings
Author: Sue Bangert-Wood
Artist: Jack Foster
Softcover ISBN: 9781616333317; 1616333316
eBook ISBN: 9781616333324; 1616333324

An entertaining alphabet book with unusual animals doing zany things, aardvarks, komodo dragons, and many more incredible creatures. The comical illustrations will capture the imagination while building reading skills at many levels. Also included are activities for parents/teachers to do with children.

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Two Page Preview:


"... we see the alphabet presented in a fun rhyming scheme with wonderfully kooky animals! Children will really enjoy the associations made with each letter and its corresponding animal doing wild and crazy things. Adorable illustrations, as usual, from the talented Jack Foster. It’s fun to see all these animals included. Some of the critters are a little more unusual than the standard creatures you’re likely to find in a picture book, making the book more interesting and creating an excellent learning opportunity for young children.-- includes excellent activities and games at the end of the book that teachers and parents will appreciate and children will love." 5 stars ~ Regan W H Macaulay Author of Sloth the Lazy Dragon and Beverlee Beaz the Brown Burmese

"... a fun rhyming alphabet book. It’s a new take on the traditional “A is for Apple” alphabet book. Chances Are gives children colorful and comical critters to expand their alphabet study in a creative, “nonsensical” way. The book is entertaining and enjoyable. It practically dances with silliness. Children will appreciate this rhyming read as much as teachers and parents will. Crazy questions will delight and amuse. Here’s my favorite paired example: "Can an Iguana chew on gum then blow a bubble? POP! Would a Jaguar write a ticket if he dressed up like a cop?" Chances Are gives teachers and parents plenty to talk about for children learning the alphabet and beginning readers, too. Sue Bangert-Wood has thoughtfully provided supplementary resource materials: An Alphabetizing Activity, Scrambled Words, Word Bingo, A Crossword Puzzle, A Hidden Word Puzzle, and more. These should keep kids busily engaged in lively learning activities." ~ Penelope Anne Cole Author of Magical Matthew