Captain Courage & The Fear-Squishing Shoes

Category: Littlest Angels
Author: Stacey A. Marshall
Artist: Michelle Morse
Print ISBN: 9781616333294; 1616333294
eBook ISBN: 9781616333300; 1616333308

Katie, a precocious third grade, shrivels during various common scenarios at her new school—show and tell, chatting in the lunchroom, presenting/participating in class, the playground scene—that is, until a unique superhero swoops in to the rescue, demonstrating how to have self confidence and courage.

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"Stacey Marshall's colorful characters and clever tale will inspire and entertain. A meeting with Marshall's Captain Courage is sure to stir up confidence and courage in every reader!"
--Nancy Rones Writer, Parents Magazine

"What a wonderful book! My three kids--ages 3, 8 and 10 -- were all ears when I read them the story last night for the first time. It's so easy to relate to Katie, the main character. And so much fun to think about having a real life Captain Courage.! Great gift for the holidays."
-- M.L. Acebal, CEO FAAN and Child Advocate

"Fear can be a mind numbing experience for the young and old. Captain Courage and the Fear Squishing Shoes by Stacey Marshall tackles the experience of third grader, Katie as she tries to find her place at her new school. Katie finds herself numbed by fear when she arrives at her first day of school and the ensuing week.

Unexpectedly one day during show and tell a super hero arrives at Katie's classroom.-- the super hero that calls himself Captain Courage. Even Katie. Will she continue to be a "shrinking violet" or will she take note of Captain Courage's actions and words? Or will she allow fear of the unknown immobilize her further? Stacey Marshall spins an inspiring and heartwarming story of acceptance for who you are and the courage to become an active participant in one's life. A must have book for home, school, bookstores, and public libraries."
--Award-Winning Author Donna M. McDine, The Golden Pathway

"Shy kids need to read this book. Of course real school principals don't turn into super heroes to help kids overcome their fears, but it is possible to squish those feelings."
--Janet Ann Collins "Writer and Speaker"

"A super hero wears magical flashing shoes -- what's not to like? Captain Courage and the Fear Squishing Shoes, by Stacey A. Marshall, is a book that immediately captures your interest and empathy for shy Katie. She is starting third grade in a new school because her father took a new job and moved the family to a new state. ... Katie feels lonely and out of place. She misses her old friends and wonders if she'll make new ones. Poor Katie seems paralyzed by fear until something amazing happens during "show and tell" time to change everything. With a little friendly advice, presented in an artful way, Katie stands tall and overcomes her fear and shyness.

This is a fun but "sly" educational storybook which shows kids they needn't feel alone or fearful in new situations. Teachers, parents and kids will enjoy this book as they effortlessly learn specific steps to deal with and overcome fear and shyness. As they follow these simple steps, they will build up their self-confidence and courage to handle life challenges. I recommend it for home and school lessons and pure enjoyment.."
--Penelope Anne Cole, Author of Magical Matthew

"... Captain Courage's Fear-Squishing Shoes to the rescue! Katie is in a new school and doesn't know a soul ... Parents will appreciate the important message in this engaging book and kids will love the story and colorful artwork provided by Michelle Morse's mural-like illustrations. It's a fun read and one that will encourage the shy child to step outside their comfort zone and TRY new things. I strongly recommend this book and wish it had been available for my shy one years ago. It's a lovely story."
--Sharon Stanley, Writer

"A third grader finds herself on the first day of school in a new and strange environment. ... Katie is surprised by a colorful caring individual who finds it in his heart to show Katie in a most unusual way that having confidence in one's self is nothing more than knowing you can do it. This is a great book for children who lack confidence in themselves, and also it is a wonderful book for children who don't understand those who are shy. In the end Katie does some pretty amusing things and reveals some extraordinary talents. The art work by Michelle Morse is bright, engaging, and will without a doubt draw children into the story. Stacey A. Marshall, the author of this book, has truly captured the essence of how a child feels when overwhelmed with shyness and new surroundings. I recommend this book as a learning tool as well as an entertaining read for children and parents."
--Susan Hornbach, Writer

"Captain Courage and the Fear-Squishing Shoes is an excellent book for children who struggle with a lack of confidence. When a child moves and then enters a new school, he/she often feels alone and bereft. This book provides wonderful tools for elementary school children to help them in situations where they do not have the courage to join in and make new friends. The colorful and wonderful illustrations that accompany the story add to the specialness of this book. As an educator, I highly recommend Captain Courage and the Fear-Squishing Shoes."
--Merle R. Saferstein, Teacher of English/Writing

"A great book for kids who experience anxiety in a new environment. The main character moves to a new school and has a hard time find the courage to speak to her classmates, but with a little help from Captain Courage, she finds her voice. This would be a wonderful story to share with children who fear public speaking, too. The author has masterfully blended a fun, engaging story with a valuable message. With delightful illustrations to boot, this book is a delight all the way around! I highly recommend."
--Reviewer Cody Rifkin

"Captain Courage and the Fear-Squishing Shoes is a charming story, and will even help kids with public speaking." Dan Greenburg Award-Winning Children's Author 72 childrens' books including the following series: The Zack Files, Weird Planet

"In Captain Courage and the Fear-Squishing Shoes, Stacey Marshall's sympathetic main character, Katie, is supported and encouraged by both the children and adults in her new school and learns that sometimes with a little imagination and some special shoes, even your worst fears can be overcome. A great read for any child that has ever been worried or nervous about something (which is probably every child)."
--Shari Maurer, Formerly of Sesame Street Television Workshop, Author of "Change of Heart"