Burgher and the Woebegone

Category: Chapbooks for Tweens
Author: Kim Chatel www.kimchatel.com
Artist: Samantha Bell www.samantha-bell.com
Print ISBN: 9781616330613; 1616330619
eBook ISBN: 9781616330620; 1616330627

Burgher is a gnome, which is just another name for an ugly elf. He lives in a grey orchard, among slugs and mushrooms and he likes it that way. A black cloud follows him around like a curse. Help Burgher make the right decisions to bring sunshine back to Oxtail Orchard. Suggested age range for readers: 8-12

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"The fate of Burgher and Johnny Gold is in your hands! There are lots of different choices to make. Some lead to somewhat unhappy endings and some lead to happy endings. It is all up to you. I think lots of people would enjoy Burgher and the Woebegone. It might be an especially good book for kids who miss a friend. I kept reading it until I had read all the different parts and endings. It was a very fun book. There were a handful of black and white sketches that added a good feel to the book"
--Reviewed by Evan Weldon www.readerviewskids.com

Delightful fairy-tale type of story--This is an interactive, "choose your own adventure" type of chapter book in which, at the end of each section, the reader is given a choice of plot twists and can help Burgher make the right decisions to get over his broken heart and bring sunshine back to Oxtail Orchard. Kim Chatel is also the author of Rainbow Sheep, the 2009 EPPIE Award winner for children's fiction, and A Time for Talent. Not only is Burgher and the Woebegone a delightful, fairy-tale story to read but it also reinforces the values involved in making the proper kinds of choices that will bring true happiness to ourselves and to others. Many children will like the fact that they can read it over and over again and it will be a different tale each time. A flow chart is included to help map out the entire story. Youngsters will also enjoy looking at the black-and-white drawings by Samantha Bell, who is a homeschooling mother by day and a writer and illustrator by night. It is a charming book that gets high praise from this reviewer.
--Wayne S. Walker "Home School Book Review"