My Brother is My Best Friend

Category: Academic Wings
Author: Nicole Weaver
Artist: Clara Batton Smith
Print ISBN: 9781616334529;1616334525
eBook ISBN: 9781616334536; 1616334533

Brothers are very special. Meet two brothers that do everything together. This delightful story transcends all cultural barriers. It will warm the hearts of children from all over the world.

Los hermanos�son muy especiales:�Conozca a dos�hermanos�que hacen todo juntos.�Esta��bella historia�trasciendetodas�las barreras culturales.� Tocar�el�coraz�ndetodos�los ni�os del �mundo.

�tre fr�re, c�est tr�s sp�cial. Voici deux fr�res qui font tout ensemble. Cette histoire merveilleuse transcende toutes les barri�res culturelles.��L�histoire va�r�chauffer le c�ur�des enfants dans du monde entier.

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Rating: 5.0 stars "My Brother is my Best Friend is a trilingual story that is written in English, with the text also in French and Spanish. This is a really cute story about the closeness of these twins. I love the different scenes as author Nicole Weaver shares what little boys love to do when playing together. The story is well written, and children will be captivated as the story is read to them, or as they read this neat little story themselves. The illustrations are so very cute ... as well as the adorable animals. The lovely scene on each page goes so well with the story; it helps tell the story along with the written words. The different thing about the story is that it is written in English, with French and Spanish directly under the English sentences. This is a really cute and neat idea to introduce kids to other languages. I really like that in the back of the book there is a glossary of Spanish and French words for the kids to find in the story, an English Word Search, and sentences in French and Spanish to be matched with the English sentence in the story. Nicole Weaver uses her stories as a unique and interesting way to teach children other languages. I think you will love this special children�s book, so be sure to purchase one for your child." ~Reviewed by Joy Hannabass for Readers' Favorite