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Cedar Breaks Wins in Washington DC- Aug 21, 2015

Cedar Breaks, a local Utah band has taken their award winning music, films and books to a new level winning 2 awards at the World Music and Independent Film Festival in Washington DC for two separate music videos— "My Dog" and "Light". The videos have played around the country in a number of film festivals including the LDS Film Festival and the International Christian Film Festival in Orlando. Though screened in many festivals this is the first win for both Music videos, "My Dog" winning for best Country Music Video and "Light" for best Director in Music Video.

Cedar Breaks is dedicated to producing media built around Faith, Family, and Heritage and taking that strong message rooted in the diverse culture of Utah to the world. The band has been together for 4 years and have won numerous media awards. Cedar Breaks has teamed up with a diverse group of musicians, writers, dancers, and photographers to produce a fresh and uplifting message and sound.

The songs for both music videos are also featured in books; My Dog a children's book published by Guardian Angel Publishing and Light published by Empath Media LLC.

"Light" in the latest recording of "Light of the Land" a song written by Greg Ericksen, was used at the 2002 winter games in Salt Lake, became the designated song of the second rescue of the handcart pioneers of 1856, and  sung at a number of Native American events over the years. The story of the song can be found in the pages of "Upon Destiny's Song", a historical novel about the life of Ane Marie Madsen who traveled with the Willie Handcart Company.

Band members include Michael Gibbons, Rebecca Croft, Diana Roger Glissmeyer, Keith Behunin, Guy Gibbons, Jenny Gibbons, and Mike Ericksen.
Learn more about the band and the media produced by the group at:

My Dog cover

Guardian Angel Publishing Contact info:
12430 Tesson Ferry Rd #186
Saint Louis, MO 63128

“My Dog” is both a children’s book and a song:
Cedar Breaks® partnered with Guardian Angel Publishing to release world-wide a new type of multimedia children’s book built around “My Dog”. The multi-media children’s book will allow the child or parent to read the book manually or have the band sing the song as the pages turn by buying the iBook on iTunes which includes the book and song video. Paperback and hardcover books are available, too.

A great story:
Clever, heartfelt, and humorous, the story is about a dog that liked to escape and explore and whose love transcended life itself.

A great song:
The story is taken from the popular song “My Dog” by Cedar Breaks® Band. The song is filled with strong harmonies and lively instrumentation that will make you want to dance and sing along. The song “My Dog” is included with the iTunes iBook and easily purchased from iTunes and downloaded for the printed versions. Lyrics are included in all versions.

A fun music video:
“My Dog” Music Video as performed by the award winning band Cedar Breaks® is lively and fun complete with lots of puppies and kids. The Music Video link is included with all versions of the book or simply view it online.

New concept:
This new concept in multi-media children’s literature will allow the child or parent to read the book manually, or have the band sing the song in the background, or view the band video performing the song with the puppies and children embedded in the iBook. Children will love dancing, singing and reading this book.

Cedar Breaks®:
Cedar Breaks has won awards for their songs and music videos, being featured across the country in Christian, family, and contemporary film festivals, winning with the musical documentary “Tyme Aspects of Home”. Their music has also been featured in the historical novel “Upon Destiny’s Song”.

In 2014 the Cedar Breaks® band competed in multiple festivals and won in Pennsylvania and in Hollywood at the International Family film festival for best music video with “Prayer”—a simple film and song of thanks.

To quote band member Rebecca Croft, "We are taking the flavor of the faith based spirit of the culture of Utah to the world in a very positive light, and people are responding to our message.”

“My Dog” premiers in 2015 at film festivals across the country:
“My Dog” has been in many film festivals around the country in 2015, including the International Christian Film Festival and the World Music and Film Festival in Washington DC.