Andy and the Albino Horse

Book 1 of the Andy & the Albino Horse Series
Academic Wings
Author: Mary Jean Kelso
Artist: K.C. Snider
Print ISBN: 9781933090900
eBook ISBN: 9781933090351
DVD ISBN: 9781935137313

When Andy takes equine therapy, he learns how to cope with his disabilities and searches for ways to get along with a bully at school. By learning about the horse and its own handicaps, Andy begins to see hope for himself and his future. 4 pages of horse educational facts included.

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Andy and the Albino Horse Series Book One- For anyone facing any form of disability I urge you to read Andy and the Albino Horse. It does not matter what age, this book is a great lesson for all ages, even if one has no disability. It opens the eyes and hearts to what is really important in life. The connection with Andy and Spirit are so brilliantly portrayed that my heart leaped with joy, and tears sprung to my eyes. Mary Jean Kelso pens a heart-tugging tale about learning to cope with a disability, and even a bully, in a story I highly recommend. She allows Andy to see no matter how hard a challenge may appear; sometimes others may have their own test to endure. This precious book is a treasure indeed. The illustrations are creatively done, too, that adapt to the tale.
—Linda Lattimer, Author and Reviewer