Bless God America

A Patriotic Musical
Angelic Harmony
Author: Dixie Phillips, Sharon Phillips
Playbook ISBN: 9781616337094 1616337095
eBook ISBN: 9781616337100 1616337109
Music CD ISBN: 9781616337117 1616337117
Light up your 4th of July with this easy-to-perform patriotic musical. Children will learn a bit of history as they step back into time. The simple drama and kid-tested songs make this book a valuable ministry resource for children of all ages.
Suggested age range for performers: 7 - 12

The CD has all the music included-- songs and soundtracks! Listen to one song here.

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(Enter Skye and Bella)

SKYE: Ladies and Gentlemen… Lend me your ears… Welcome to our celebration of America’s 239th (or whatever is correct) Birthday!

BELLA: That’s right… your ears aren’t failing you…America is 239 years old!

BELLA and SKYE TOGETHER: Now that’s OLD!!!

SKYE: That’s right, Bella, America was born in 1776. Do you know what dance was all the rage back then?

BELLA: I can’t say that I do…

SKYE: The indepen-DANCE!

BELLA: What would you get if you crossed a patriot with a small curly haired dog?

SKYE: Hmmmm. I’m not sure.

BELLA: A Yankee Poodle!

SKYE: Hey, Bella, Have you heard the one about the Liberty Bell?

BELLA: Yeah, it cracked me up!!

SKYE: Bella, isn’t it something? More than 200 years ago, our forefathers defeated the British in the Revolutionary War.

BELLA: Wow! They must have been pretty strong, (flexes muscles) four men defeating a whole army!

SKYE: All right. All right. It’s time to get serious, Bella. Now I want you to put your thinking cap on.

BELLA: (pretends to put cap on) I’m ready, Skye.

SKYE: Are you sure?

BELLA: Yep, thinking cap on. Check. Brain in gear. Check. Got everyone’s full attention. Check. I’m ready for any question you’ve got.

SKYE: OK. Bella, can you tell us where the Declaration of Independence was signed?

BELLA: Simple Simon met a pie man… Anybody in the audience knows where the Declaration of Independence was signed. Duhhhhhh… It was signed at the bottom.

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