About Us

GAP staff is composed of dedicated professionals who wish to create a safe and fun environment for children to learn and grow with our eBooks and print books. You will discover our musical artists, award winning photojournalists, artists, and talented authors have pioneered to create this new dynamic form of eBooks and print paperback and hardcover books. Read more about our Awards and Announcements: Angels News Flash

The children model's identities in Guardian Angel books are kept private to protect the innocence of our exceptional "model" children.

See our list of Authors and Artists and their books.

GAP eBook downloads, eBooks for specific vendors (Amazon, Nook, iTunes), eBooks on CDs, full color Print books 8.5x8.5 inches, hardcover books 8x10 and book video DVDs are based on the fundamental concept of using art, learning, music, good morals, healthy living, and special activities to captivate the preschool and primary child's attention in order to instill a Christian and healthy attitude of learning, sharing and caring.

Some of our books are now in Spanish edition, and some are in Hardcover. Also some will be released in English, Spanish, and French for the early linguistic experience.

Our picture books are also being released as an application for touch screen technology on ereaders and mobiles. Check us out- some books are available at Apple's iTunes APP Store- for iPhones and iPods! Android Apps-an educational alternative to gaming!

GAP introduced: PICTURE BOOKS, STORYBOOKS, EASY READERS,BEGINNING READERS, EARLY CHAPTER BOOKS, CHAPTER BOOKS for older readers and now MUSICAL PLAYBOOKS for elementary schools and church schools.

Our books are also available as ebooks in PDF which can be read on almost any ereader device including iBooks on iPads, Kindles and Nooks.

Not only are we a bookstore, but a publisher as well! Read about submitting on our Submissions page.