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Learn About eBooks

Guardian Angel Publishing publishes both free and reasonably priced books for kids, schools and families. Our e-picture books, e-storybooks and e-chapter books are virtual electronic books to be displayed on a computer device.  Our books are available as DOWNLOADS (available for you to DOWNLOAD directly to your hard drive), CDs and PRINT paperback.  Coming soon on book video with sound DVDs for mobiles, computers or TVs and apps for your phones and ereaders.

Guardian Angel Publishing goes GREEN! We are excited about partnering with Lightning Source, Inc. as our printer, to bring you quality picture books, story books and chapter books in print, too.  

No more wasted paper! No more wasted trees! No more stripping books! No more pulping books!
With Lightning Source as our printer, Guardian Angel Publishing books will be printed as they are sold. 

GAP eBooks are available in multiple formats at various locations on the web. Our eBooks are produced in PDF, FLIP, HTML, Kindles, XML, epubs. They may be purchased for hand-held electronic devices-Kindles, Nooks, iPads, iPhones and Android technology to be read to your children anywhere! There are program platforms for each format for reading these books.

Our newest format with sound has launched! GAP book: Maybe We Are Flamingos in
iKidsPlay App for 2-6 year olds read & 5 interactions on iPhones, iPods and other mobile devices with touch screen technology! Available at iTunes Store for download now!
Download free iTunes to shop the iTunes App store.

GAP eBooks for kids can be read on many hand-held devices too, such as PDA's, BLACKBERRIES, iPHONES, iPods (FYI- Kindles are not in color yet. Our books are full color.)

GAP eBooks are available at online eBook stores: GuardianAngelPublishing.com; Fictionwise.com; eBooks.com; ReadersEden.com; thehomeschoolmagazine.com, Nook books, Amazon.com's Kindle store and more.

Our eBooks are wholesaled by Follet Digital Resources for schools and libraries & by Lightning Source, Inc.

eBooks are books created to be read on a computer device.

For our AngelicHarmonys line of musical eBooks, you need a computer with a sound card and speakers and have a browser installed. (example: Netscape or Internet Explorer, like the browser you are using right now to see these web pages.) these eBooks on our site can be viewed on your computer. The music is played by the computer. The pictures with melody and lyrics are displayed on the screen. There are questions & answers, seeks & finds and action packed activities and more! You provide the voice and interaction with your child or children and watch them learn! (Don't forget to turn your speakers on to hear the music on the Musical E-Book excerpt pages!)

All Guardian Angel Publishing (~GAP~) eBooks are offered in a Flipping picture book format on CDs, because it provides the closest experience to turning the pages of a real book.  (No reader needs to be installed for our FLIP Book CDs.)

Our books are also available as PDF formats to download.  This requires a free reader program for your computer- Adobe Acrobat Reader get at Adobe.com

You may choose  our books as DOWNLOAD, order a CD, a DVD or PRINT book. After your purchase from our secure PayPal or GOOGLE checkout from the available inventory, you will be redirected to a secure PAYLOADZ download page. Please follow the directions on the instructions page. After purchase your CD, DVD or PRINT storybook will be on the way to your home.

The Musical eBooks from ~GAP~ may be downloaded from the   Musical E-Book excerpt pages of each individual book. Look for our free coloring pages and other free books, too, on the freebies pages

At your special request purchased zipped eBooks may be e-mailed to you at your email address or if for some reason your computer will not play the books please contact ~GAP~ sales staff. These book files are large and should be easier to download than email.

After downloading your eBook files, please use SAVE or SAVE AS to save your book files on your computer. And remember to back them up!  PLEASE VISIT THE INSTRUCTIONS PAGE AND PRINT A COPY.

ZIPPED eBooks are a compressed form to make smaller packages to e-mail or for electronic download. There are free trial ZIP programs for you to unzip your e-book. If you don't have a zip program, please follow the link below to obtain a free evaluation program "Winzip®" on your hard drive or StuffitExpander® if you use a Mac.

There are various archival programs to use. Go to http://download.com or http://tucows.com to get your zipping tools. Learn more about Winzip - the archiving tool at the Winzip homepage.

You may backup eBooks with 2 hard copies but please do not share these copyrighted books- if you do, you will be violating copyright laws.

But remember- Guardian Angel Publishing's eBooks are free for everyone! Download and give away as many of these as you please!

If you are a teacher or school needing multiple copies of ~GAP~ books for other classrooms, please let us know and we will be glad to make an arrangement with your school to provide multiple copies. Or if you have a problem downloading or receiving your book, please e-mail the sales staff or customer service.

Purchasing Guide: Guardian Angel Publishing books are rated for children of all ages (0-12)

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