Guardian Angel Books on Kindle


99 Monkeys on a Bus By Christine Marie Alemshah ASIN: B015MDJX48

A Bad Mad Sad Day for Mama Bear By Mayra Calvani ASIN: B00GL52ZE2

A Friend for Freckles By Erin Liles ASIN: B015C8H3J0

A Midsummers Dance By Bill Kirk ASIN: B019OWGGVQ

A Moose at the Bus Stop By Terry Cook ASIN: B019ZNIFVS

A Necklace for Jiggsy By Kit Grady ASIN: B01FDT1YHA

A Pocketful of Manners By Marilee Crow ASIN: B01ADS394C

A Puddle for Poo By Mary Vigliante Szydlowski ASIN: B015VDVFHW

A Rainbow of Birds By Janet Halfmann ASIN: B01ADT8PLI

A Sandy Grave By Donna McDine ASIN: B00NIDLLLI

A Short Tale About a Long Tail By Marilee Crow ASIN: B01FDT1YK2

A Star in the Night By Jennifer Gladen ASIN: B01FDT1YHU

A Talent for Quiet By Kim Chatel ASIN: B01AE3AE0S

All in a School Day Journey By James Byers ASIN: B01ADNDF3C

Ancient Symbols, Artwork, Carvings Bk1 By Eugene Ruble ASIN: B01ADS35SC

Ancient Symbols, Artwork, Carvings Bk2 By Eugene Ruble ASIN: B01FCW20EE

And then Mama Said...It takes time to Learn to Read By Gena Suarez ASIN: B0054QQW0W

Angel Feathers By Carole Bloodworth ASIN: B019Z1VXE6

Animal Sound Mix-up By Connie Arnold ASIN: B01FDT1Y8Y

Arctic Danger By Barbara Bockman ASIN: B015CXY16S

As I Watch By Chitra Soundar ASIN: B01FDT1YIY

Ava’s Secret Tea Party By Donna J. Shepherd ASIN: B01AE2864U

Baby Poopsie Loves Ears By Deb Allard ASIN: B01N94J1QL

Baked Potato Boy By Dorris Fortson ASIN: B015CXY1Y0

Bolt the Speed Train By Melanie Lutes ASIN: B015CYHD5S

Bradybug By Donna J. Shepherd ASIN: B01FDT1Y16

Bubble Gum Bubble Gum in a Dish By Tracey M. Cox ASIN: B01MTOD53J

Bunny Business: Conjunction Fun By Cynthia Reeg ASIN: B01APHMZV4

Burgher and the Woebegone By Kim Chatel ASIN: B0052UWZ06

Circulation Celebration By Bill Kirk ASIN: B01FDT21Q8

Clever Camel By Chitra Soundar ASIN: B015RWW5J4

Clip-Clop, Tip-pity-Tap: French Vocabulary on the Farm By Kim Chatel ASIN: B01AOXXWTI

Dee and Deb, Off They Go: Kindergarten First Day Jitters By Donna M. McDine ASIN: B019CI61US

EARTHQUAKE 2nd edition by Susan J Berger ASIN: B0054R01FS

El Primo de Ebeneezer By Kristen Zajac ASIN: B015S1FMDK

Ethan's Business Adventure By Patricia Karwatowicz ASIN: B015RXUD7E

First Spring By Margaret Rose ASIN: B01FDT1Y8E

Fish Detectives By Kelly Hashway ASIN: B015AL6D2C

Frederico The Mouse Violinist By Mayra Calvani ASIN: B01FDT1YIO

Gifts from God By Cynthia Reeg ASIN: B0053HOCZY

Grammy's Gnocchi: Do Dogs go to Heaven By Patricia Karwatowicz ASIN: B015CYHD7Q

Growing Up Dreams By Susan J. Berger ASIN: B01FE5C4XQ

Heaven Holds Little Samuel Tippie-Toes By Anne Brynn Carpenter ASIN: B015CYHD76

Her Brown Hair By Jill Dana ASIN: B015UOTJIE

Hockey Agony By Donna M. McDine ASIN: B00NJBSYSM

Horatio Humble Beats the Big D By Margot Finke ASIN: B01FE74FAE

Horse Camp By Kim Chatel ASIN: B01APHMWDA

Humberto the Bookworm Hamster By Mayra Calvani ASIN: B01FE74NH4

I Don't Want a Haircut By Lea Schizas ASIN: B01FE74YTQ

I Have a Voice By Joni Klein-Higger ASIN: B01MXM4J2H

Itch Itcha Goo Goo Blues By J Aday Kennedy ASIN: B01BX2LKC0

Joshua's Dragon By Stacey Glorioso ASIN: B015AL69I0

Katydidn't By Colleen L. Reece ASIN: B01FEFLX1A

Learning the Basics of Color By Eugene Ruble ASIN: B01FEFLWJS

Lightning Strikes By Kevin McNamee ASIN: B01FEFLWTI

Little Bug By Karin Larson ASIN: B01FEFLWJS

Little Bunny You Belong By Arianne Brynn Carpenter ASIN: B01MQJWJYM

Little Dog in the Middle of the Road By Sharon P Stanley ASIN: B015AADBSW

Little Grand Champion By Maxine Romero ASIN: B01N1G6430

Little Lonnie Long Ears By Mary Jean Kelso ASIN: B015CZI2T8

Lucky Penny By Hill and Sienna Kemp ASIN: B01FEFLWJS

Marietta and the Charlie Horse By Maureen Kauzlarich ASIN: B01N1G59ZD

Mrs Cow Knits A Sweater By Sharon Stanley ASIN: B01MRL92Y8

Murmur on the Oink Express By Debe Branning ASIN: B01FEFLWJS

My Dog By Keith Behunin ASIN: B00Z1OOSWG

Mystery at Manatee Key By Nancy Stewart ASIN: B01N763VC8

Once Twice Thrice by Kim Chatel ASIN:B01MTOCKDY

One Noble Journey By Dixie Phillips ASIN: B01FE74MIY

One Pelican at a Time: A Story of the Gulf Oil Spill By Nancy Stewart ASIN: B0053HO9OI

Oscar the Pig By Margo Cronbaugh Bean ASIN: B015AADAN8

Pepé Maurice Pierre, Poodle Extraordinaire By Kelly Hashway ASIN: B015WXHO3U

Pinkie McCloud and How She Save Ballooze By Eileen Goldenberg ASIN: B015DC50E0

Powder Monkey By Donna M. McDine ASIN: B00NIW1QM8

Rainbow Nights By Sally M. Harris ASIN: B01FE5C4UY

Rainbow of Friendship By Joni Klein-Higger ASIN: B015DG8FC0

Rainbow Sheep By Kim Chatel ASIN: B01APHZV56

Randy Kazandy: Where Are Your Glasses By Rhonda Fischer ASIN: B005KDFUU2

Real Mysterious Easter Eggs By Patricia Karwatowicz ASIN: B015UOIXLS

Samuel and Sophia: A Tale of Two Teddies By Judy Dearborn Nill ASIN: B015UOIXSG

Sloth the Lazy Dragon By Regan W.H. Macaulay ASIN: B01MRL9057

Supermoon By Melissa Ross ASIN: B0159RNGP4

Survival Secrets of Turkey Vultures By Debra Toor ASIN: B01BU2N2T2

Taconi and Claude: Double Trouble By M E Finke ASIN: B0052ULHS2

The Adventures of Andy and Spirit By Mary Jean Kelso ASIN: B005405TH0

The Best Kind of String by Janene Dubbeld ASIN: B01N41RTVV

The Bribe of Frankenbeans By Debe Branning ASIN: B00557U4XQ

The Christmas Angel By Mary Jean Kelso ASIN: B0053HONZ8

The Golden Pathway By Donna M. McDine ASIN: B0053I3N6W

The Legend of Lumpus & Ogols By Mel McIntyre ASIN: B01FEAWVIO

The Lumpy Duckling By Kai Strand ASIN: B00QSPXJR2

The Peril of the Sinister Scientist By Collins, Janet Ann ASIN: B004L632WC

The Weaver By Kai Strand ASIN: B0052ULJE4

The Wishing Well: Another Weaver Tales By Kai Strand ASIN: B00AG2ETCC

Three Wise Animals By Robert G. Seal ASIN: B01LX7EEMG

Tiny Angel By Nancy Carty Lepri ASIN: B0053HOL4G

Trial by Walkabout By Margot Finke ASIN: B00K3N44C4