The Sad Little House

Category: Littlest Angels
Author: Catherine James
Artist: Kevin Scott Collier
Print ISBN: 9781935137061
eBook ISBN: 9781933090184

Harry the house longs for a family. But his paint is gone, his shutters are broken, and his yard is a mess. So he asks his forest friends to help him clean up and put his best shingle forward. And maybe, just maybe, the family he saw will be his.

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The illustrations in this book are fabulous! A child that cannot read yet could open the book and tell the story. The illustrator showed emotion in every face. The appropriate facial expressions will help children follow the story. The well-developed, lovable main character with helpful friends has a happy ending. Children will easily empathize with the sad house...Children will love the animal friends of the house and the interesting ways they help their sad friend. Being able to see good and looking beyond appearance are leading themes. Children can begin to develop an understanding of the plight of others. This book is a great beginning discussion point for families.
~Reviewed by Miranda Lyle