Kisses from Heaven

Wings of Faith
Author Illustrator: Nancy Schacht
Paperback ISBN: 9781616337148 161633714
eBook ISBN: 9781616337155 161633715X

A must-have heartwarming children’s devotional for families with small children. Each page is filled with precious rhymes, whimsical illustrations, and Bible verses. It is a perfect read-aloud “snuggle and read” bedtime storybook for the little ones in your life. Guaranteed to be a family favorite.

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Two Page Preview:


Kisses from Heaven, a beautifully written and illustrated book by Nancy Rogers Schacht, could be identified as a little book of prayers for little ones.  Each page captures a special, meaningful rhyme, that identifies the spiritual psalms and bible passages it accompanies to a child’s everyday life.  The book goes one step further to add to a child’s imagination with its most delicate ink drawings.  There are no distractions as the book concentrates on its simple, spiritual messages that will help build a strong Christian foundation in a child.  I found there is something very calming as I read each page, and that perhaps is the gift of love, shared by the spirit of its author and artist, Nancy Rogers Schacht who has embraced her love of God in this delightful treasure of a book.  ~Lainie Belcastro, writer, storyteller and speaker