Gatsby's Grand Adventures book 2

Auguste Renoir: The Apple seller
Category: Academic Wings
Author: Barbara Cairns
Artist: Eugene Ruble
Print ISBN: 9781616333874; 1616333871
eBook ISBN: 9781616333881; 161633388X

Gatsby, the art gallery cat, jumps into famous paintings at night. When he remembers to jump back out before sunrise, everything is fine. But sometimes, Gatsby forgets. That’s when strange things happen. Children will learn about Renoir and “The Apple Seller” through this adventure of a mischievous cat.

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GATSBY'S GRAND ADVENTURES Book 2 Auguste Renoir's 'The Apple Seller' from TANGERINE SKY TRAILERS on Vimeo.

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"As in the first book, this book combines humor, art history and art education, adventure, and just plain fun. I enjoy the upbeat concept of this serie – happy and fun experiences plus education through art. I like Barbara Cairns’ use of language to bring her story and Gatsby’s character to life. Here’s an example: “Gatsby jumped off the girl’s lap. The grass tickled his belly. His long whiskers flicked up and down as he tunneled through the thicket.”
As a teacher and parent, I especially appreciate the art information and websites Ms. Cairns provides at the end of each book. Children will surely enjoy curious cat Gatsby’s adventures in these famous paintings. We wonder what Gatsby’s next painting adventure will be and look forward to the trouble he will make."~ Penelope Anne Cole, Author of Magical Matthew and Magical Mea

"Great Way To Introduce Art To Kids- Even though I am an adult, I love reading children’s picture books. I especially like books that can teach children about a specific topic. ... children are introduced to a painting of famous artist, Auguste Renoir. I admire Ms. Cairns for coming up with this ingenious way to help children acquire appreciation for art. The author uses humor, and adventures to capture the mind of children. I love this concept because it is a very effective way to introduce young minds to the abstract world of art education. Gatsby, the adventurous cat, is very adept at jumping into paintings at night, in the art gallery where he lives with owner Annabelle. The fun begins when Gatsby must figure out a way to jump out before sunrise or everything in the painting will be changed. The illustrator, Eugene Ruble, uses pastels to portray the adventures in a unique way. I am also hugely impressed with Ms. Cairns’ play with words in order to bring this story to life. Here’s my favorite passage: “One night, Gatsby crept downstairs into the gallery. He padded across the floor and stopped. His big eyes stared at “The Apple Seller” by Pierre Auguste Renoir. Maybe those little girls will play with me. Gatsby’s tail twitched. His whiskers itched. His haunches hitched. SNAP!” Lastly, Ms. Cairns provides the reader with art information and many websites at the end of the book. In my opinion, this is a valuable resource. Teachers and parents can use the information to encourage further study on the topic of art education."~ Nicole Weaver, Author of My Sister is My Best Friend

"I’ve just completed my first reading of Gatsby’s Grand Adventures: Book 2 Auguste Renoir’s “The Apple Seller”. Ms. Cairns, a retired teacher and gifted artist in her own right has done it again. This time, with more marvelous illustrations by Eugene Ruble, she and her impressible feline creation Gatsby the art gallery cat, have introduced young readers to Auguste Renoir and the school of Impressionism. By means of a story inside Renoir’s “The Apple Seller”, the author weaves a tale of adventure with just enough naughtiness to entertain and just enough information to teach, Jumping in and out of this painting, Gatsby first gets himself treed by a yappy little dog and then literally upsets the apple cart, or more accurately, Annabelle, his and the gallery’s owner- leaves utter chaos in the painting in his wake. In the end, however, proving the old adage that the third time really is the charm, on Gatsby’s final venture into “The Apple Seller” he manages to put it all right once again and, having done so, returns to his basket for a much needed rest. My grandsons will be receiving a copy of this Gatsby’s Grand Adventures as well."~ E. “Seeth” Trimpert, Author of Bear Crossing

"I really like this series. Just like the first book, this one introduces kids to famous works of art in a fun way. Reading it will make them take a closer look at everything in the picture because so many things- the people, dog, and even the apples- have important parts of the story. This book is both fun and educational with interesting information about the famous artist, Renoir, at the end. I like the way Eugene Ruble kept the pastel colors of Renoir’s painting without copying his style."~ Janet Ann Collins, Author of Slime and All